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~so Yama did feel embarassed. XD
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The way you eat is just like a child

Daiki - Today's theme is 'The time when you are cool and the time when you aren't.'.

Yamada - Uwaa, there's lots of time like this~. ...No matter how you say it, it'll still seem cool (laughs).

Takaki - Keito was rather cool earlier on. While waiting i the studio, he was playing the guitar. That was really cool .

Yamada - You're not on the right track, so stop it (laughs).

Keito: Eh? Isn't today supposed to be on places about us that is worthy to be praised of?

Takaki: I get it, it's that. The last greeting we had done during the end of the concert, we didn't even know if we laughed or cry (laughs).

Yuto: (imitating) Gufuu, ufuu, gufuu (the sound when they are crying)

Keito: That's the uncool part!

Daiki: Then, during eating, totally looks like a child. It's all messy.

Keito: That's the uncool part! Speaking of that, I have to eat properly later (laughs)

Takaki: Speaking seriously, during these 2 years, Keito's really~ grown a lot. When Arioka-kun and me saw Keito during the concert rehearsal, we both said "Keito, has grown".

Daiki: Yeah. That was directed to Keito. "Takaki praised you" and so. And then Keito totally went with the flow (laughs).

Keito: I didn't!!

Daiki: Your tension rose suddenly.

Keito: My tension did rise.

Daiki: You went "Really!? Okay then!" (laughs)

Keito: I was definitely happy. I also held on to the 'yossha!' feeling.

Daiki: Hmm, I guess so. You really grew.

Takaki: He also has grown out of his habits (laughs)

Yuto: That's real. In the beginning, he was a total English boy, and he spoke rather broken Japanese, and that was rather cute. (OwO)

Takaki: Because Keito doesn't really speak English.

Yuto: I so agree with that! (laughs)

Daiki: Speaking of that, we haven't been hearing things like "Ladies & Gentlemen" (he said it in katakana)

Yamada: about that, everyone has been talking about it.

Keito: ...I'll talk properly! But it's just that I don't have much chance to talk!

Yamada: Keito, what year are you in now?

Keito: High school year 2.

Yamada: Eh, aren't we the same? You're a year faster than me? That's bullshit. (lol)

Altogether: Now then you noticed (laughs)?

Yamada: I always thought Keito and I were the same!

Daiki: It's good, to widen your knowledge.(laughs)

Yamada: I want to point out something. The distance between us is close! Also, because I always touch it with an arm, it is hot and stuffy in the summer! (i have no idea what he is talking about. I swear. Seriously. No dirty things intended yeah XD)

Yuto: I know! No matter who Keito is with, he seems close with them. Staff-san would always fall a step behind (laughs).

Keito: I'd always whisper "eh?" when I hear something. That's why I think we're close... or something

Daiki: Oh yes, Keito's voice is rather soft. I'm training on vocalization. Like, "Ah, ah, ahhhhhh~~~! More from the stomach!" (laughs).

Keito: Thanks to you guys, I'm more open with the others.Though we were talking about me crying during the dome concert, all the members that are present here, except for Takaki-kun cried!

Daiki: I'm definitely sure that Takaki-kun cried.

Takaki: I'm a cry-baby. I really~ endured. If I cry, i would definitely not be able to talk at all.

Yamada: It was Yabu-kun's fault. When we all saw him crying, we just can't stop ourselves too!

Daiki: That was mean~ (laughs). He cried like a baby!

Yuto: At first, I thought that Yabu-kun was just kidding. Then when I turned to my side to look at him, he really cried. I couldn't stop myself when i saw that. I also just cried out like guaaaaaaa (THE WAY HE'S CRYING XDD ADORKABLE <3)

Yamada: I cried too.

Keito: I couldn't see Yabu-kun crying. But I kept seeing the amount of people crying increasing. When I saw everone crying, it seems to me like a "crying domino falling" (laughs).

Daiki: I actually almost stopped crying when I saw Keito not crying, but once I saw him crying, I started to cry again (laughs).

Yamada: What great influential strength (laughs).

Yama-chan's sleeptalks are amazing.

Takaki: When Yamada is cool, it's definitely when he wears the clothings provided for the concert.

Daiki: The guests went "Kyaa~~~~~" (laughs)!

Yuto: Aren't you embarrased when the music stopped and you had to take off 1 button at a time?

Yamada: It was alright when I was doing it at that time, but when you talk about it now, it is sorta embarrassing (laughs).

Takaki: Also, after the concert had ended,we started watching the videos that they got during the concert. Weren't you guys embarrassed at all?

Everyone: Totally embarrassed!

Yuto: That was really hard! And when each of us saw our own scene, we'd be "That place is great, fly there" (laughs).

Yamada: And when we saw someone who was throwing kisses, we'd be "Fuu~ That's disgustinggg!" (laughs). So, what's uncool about me? Well, I think there's nothing about me in that sense (laughs).

Daiki: Nono, there is there is. Even if I saw it, it'll be "Yamada-kun's so cute~"... It's your sleep talks. (laughs)

Keito: Yes! Yama-chan's sleep talks are amazing. I was shocked.

Daiki: It's like he's in the manga (laughs). Suddenly he'd wake up and ask "Eh, where is this? Is this the south capital? Really? It's the south capital..." and, you immediately fall back asleep (laughs). If you strain your ears, you can hear soft sounds of "munya munya (the sounds in which manga characters make while sleeping)".

Takaki: Eh? You're kidding right? Seriously!?

Keito: It's true it's true. At times, he'll go "Fugya~" (laughs).

Yamada: ......that's bad of me (laughs). I really can't remember it though.

Daiki: Though it's really uncool, but if your fans read this, they'll go "Yamada-kun's so cute~", and they'll get all excited (laughs).

Yamada: Yay (laughs).For Yuto-kun's cool point would be when he's playing the drums at the concert.

Takaki: That was some major coolness.

Keito: He really practiced well.

Yuto: Yep... I guess. During holidays, practicing about 9 hours a day at my house's electrical drum set.

Everyone: Woah~~~!

Daiki: Kamenashi-kun praised you too, right?

Yuto: Yep, he came during the Yokohama arena concert and he said "That's really cool". I was really happy, but I wished that I could go with the flow like how Keito did.

Keito: I said that I don't (laughs)

Daiki: That's okay. You'd be happy if you got praised, it's good motivation too.

Keito: Yuto can spin the mic in his hands, that's cool.

Yuto: That's a habit. But PA-san would often get angry.It'll turn into a big commotion if i dropped it. But as long as I remember, I've never dropped it before.

Takaki: I do it too. Everyone does it too, right?

Yamada: I don't do it. I think it's dangerous as I can't even spin it cross the bridge of it (laughs).

Yuto: The way Takaki-kun spins it, he'd let it go over spinning it once. That's really dangerous. If it drops, it'll be something big.

Takaki: ......... (biting the plastic cup in his mouth and grinding on it)

Yamada: What are you doing, you're like a child (laughs)!

Daiki: Yes, and that's when Takaki-kun's uncool side is born (laughs). Yuto isn't cool when...

Keito: He tends to get stomach aches very often (laughs).

Yuto: Ah~ that's true! I have a weak stomach (laughs). I also get sick from flights. I'm fine with reading books in cars, but once I'm on a plane, I can't do anything. I can't take that shaky feeling! Then, next is Takaki-kun!

We can't imagine a sexy Arioka-kun (laughs)

Yamada: Though he's like a child at times, but he's really cool usually.

Daiki: Because during the day, he doesn't carry bags, and somehow makes him look really cool.

Yamada: It's not a wallet... What's that called?

Takaki: A money clipper

Yamada: That! That's really cool.

Daiki: I really admire him at times. If I can do that, maybe it'll make me look a little more like an adult (laughs)

Takaki: That's just for fun.

Daiki: Because I'm the worrying type, I really can't do that though. I ten to think "This might come in handy", and the things I bring just increases.

Takaki: But the things I bring is really not little. During tours or something, I'd try my best to wear a pants with pockets, and go there with my hands empty (laughs). When the worst comes, I'd go there empty handed too. I'll think "I'd just buy my things there".

Yamada: ...He's really an adult.

Daiki: The standards of being a adult? (laughs)

Yuto: I'm just the opposite of Takaki-kun, I have too much of items with me. Like bringing shampoo, and extra stuff. Chinen and Ryutaro brings really little stuff too.

Takaki: There's someone who brings more stuff than Yuto. ~ Snow Man's Nozawa. He carries a carrier bag, and he always carries it around.

Yuto: Ah, yes! I wonder what he puts inside...

Daiki: Then about Takaki's uncool side. Takaki who doesn't bring a lot of stuff, often forgets to bring his socks or pants when we go to the bathroom. (laughs)

Takaki: I tend to forget to bring a lot of stuff~. When everyone went to Hawaii, I totally forgot to pack my pants in, and the moment I went to Hawaii, I had to go buy some (laughs). Okay, let's stop this talk, go on to Arioka-kun!

Yamada: Dai-chan's cool side is, probably nothing!

Daiki: Oi! We have to give and take, that's the rule here (laughs)

Yuto: Buy Dai-chan's always so kind and sweet, so 'cool' doesn't really suit him.

Takaki: The concert solo song is really refreshing. (imitating him) "Yooo~ O~ki na sumairu de~~♪"

Daiki: If Takaki-kun does it, it sounds totally weird (laughs)

Takaki: You see? Only Arioka-kun can do such a refreshing song.

Yamada: Also, he's really kind! Earlier on when we bought the same ice cream to eat, when Dai-chan was just at 1/5 of his, and I was already half through mine, I kept mine and I said "Let me have a bite" and I ate Dai-chan's ice cream. And after Dai-chan was halfway through his, I was already almost finished with mine, and this time, I said "Let's exchange", and we exchanged (laughs). After I was almost finished with it, he suddenly said "We're eating the same thing, aren't we!" (laughs). And he didn't even get angry.

Yuto: He's so kind~!

Daiki: I won't get angry over such stuff.

Yamada: Eh~ A normal person would go "Don't joke with me!". Even if it's just the minority, I'd say that (laughs).

Keito: Yama-chan, that's really uncool (laughs).

Yamada: I guess so. But Dai-chan's really wide at heart and kind.... Then, it's almost time to give it?

Daiki: Okay, come. (laughs)

Takaki: I totally can't imagine a sexy Arioka-kun (laughs). For example, imagine Arioka-kun doing Yamada's dance. Can you?

Everyone: Can't!

Daiki: Even I think so too

Yamada: It'll seem weird if Dai-chan does 'Asia no yoru'

Daiki: Hold on a second...... Yes, it certainly is (laughs).

Takaki: But seriously, it'll be fun if there's a shuffle of solo songs?

Yuto: Certainly! Like having Takaki-kun to sing along to someone that is really not his character... And exchange with him!

Yamada: That sounds great! Let's decide on that for the winter concert's game corner!

Daiki: If that does come true, I'd like to try the challenge of dancing to 'Asia no yoru' (laughs)!

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