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HSJ Calendar 2009~2010 Profile: Ryosuke Yamada
Aug. 18th, 2009 at 11:49 AM

It's Yamada's turn now. Happy reading~

Ryosuke Yamada
Born on 93.5.9 in Tokyo
Bloodtype B
Height: 161.5 cm

Hobby: Reading manga (Japanese comics), being idle in the bed of my room
Special Skills: Cooking
Favourite food: Strawberries, eggplants, meat
Disliked food: Tomato, sticky foods
Type of girl: An obedient girl that doesn’t display it

2009.4~2010.3 Objective
On 2007 when CD debut, drama, and concert piled up on top of another, the hectic-ness seemed to be crushed. But last year, I noticed I was blessed to have circumstances that I get to do the things I like in my job, and I came to think about everything positively ne. There were lots of work for the group, but there was a feeling of reliability. For 2009, I want to handle my personal work with the same feeling!

My Schedule Management Method
My father is a person who is strict with time, so I think in JUMP I am the one who is keeping it firm about time. When we were on tour and we stayed at a hotel, everyone was totally not able to wake up. When I shared a room with Yuto-kun, he just said “Aaah” when the alarm clock went on and totally did not wake up, even when I slapped him he did not wake up, so in the end I tore of his futon yo *haha*

This Year’s Birthday Plan
For my birthday, family and members saying “Happy Birthday” is just enough. Of course, a present is a warm welcome *haha*. On my 15th birthday, I had it celebrated in the “Furuhata Chugakusei” shooting location. The brass band that was in the taping did a surprise “Happy Birthday” song performance for me! I will never forget that birthday yo.