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1)You are going to answer 100 questions. How do you feel?
Nothing at all...
2)How are you feeling today?
sort of hungry..
3)Tell us your height and weight!
152.4cm umm.. I don't know what my weight is..
4)I want to ____ this spring!
sleep all day
5)Do you like spring?
6)Do you have pollinosis (allergies)?
I think
7)What color is spring color?
bright colors cause I can think of flowers everywhere.. :]
8)Spring item you’ve recently purchased is?
a dress..
9)What do you want to eat right now?
10)What do you want right now?
I want to buy new clothes.. :]
11)What do you want to do right now?
sleep from 1:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. but I don't think that's possible..
12)If you were to time slip, would you go to the past? Or future?
Future, so that i can see what's my job.. XD
13)What do you want to be if you were reborn? .
A rabbit because they are so cuute!.
14)What do you think your previous existence was?
I don't know
15)Number 1 fashionable member is?
ME!! JOKE! all of us have different styles, so i think all of us are fashionable..
16)Number 1 crybaby member is?
Hmm.. it's either me or Aaa-chan. :]
17)Number 1 sharpest member is?
18)Number 1 soothing type of member is?
19)Number 1 active member is?
20)Number 1 photogenic member is?
21)Number 1 good looking member is?
I don't think there is one since all of us are good looking
22)Number 1 kindest member is?
23)What kind of person is Dii-chan?
Smart, serious, medyo reklamador.. :D(peace)Super Helpful!
24)What kind of person is Jie-chan?
A big sister who is strict.. :D
25)What kind of person is Chivy-chan?
A funny one! She's really fun to be with!
26)What kind of person is Chime-chan?
27)What kind of person is Roan-chan?
Smart, helpful
28)What kind of person is Aaa-chan?
Crybaby.. :D easily fooled, nice, loving , Caring, helpful
29)What kind of person is Rina-chan? Jin-chan?
Rina-chan's nice and cute while Jin-chan is noisy and loves to bug Jie-chan..
30)What kind of person is Pre-chan?
31)What kind of person is Mii-chan?
Sporty chick! a Funny girl!
32)What kind of person is Gui-chan?
Loka-loka.. Nice, helpful..
33)If you were to switch places for one day from the members?
hmm.. I don't know
34)What makes you think you are glad to be a SYNDROME member?
We do a lot of fun stuff together and we act crazy when we're together..
35)One SYNDROME's pride.
Being together ..
36)What do you want to be called by your boyfriend?
dunno. It's up to him but i would like him to call me chime..
37)Meeting up with your boyfriend, how long would you wait?
pinapa-antay niya pa talaga ang babae.. sige, pag.bigyan ko.. 3 mins.
38)When you get a boyfriend, do you want to contact each other everyday?
Nope. I don't want to waste my time talking to him all day..
39)Mature boy or cute boy, which is your type?
I guess a mature boy.
40)Chubby type or skinny type, which is your type?
skinny type.
41)Quiet boy or active boy, which is your type?
Active boy
42)What kind of situation do you fall in love?
I might fall in love if the guy would look into my eyes for about 5 mins.
43)What do you demand for your future husband?
I want someone who can cook.
44)What does love means to you?
God is love because without God, there is no Love..
45)Best mimic.
46)Favorite part of your body is?
47)Least favorite part of your body is?
48)Your weakness is?
49)Favorite food is?
50)A person who is sensitive (can’t stand) to heat or to cold?
i can't stand the cold
51)Are you an impatient or patient person?
52)Are you an romantic or a realistic person?
53)Your hobby right now.
writing, i'm already at my 3rd notebook.
54)When did you recently cried about?
When my friends held a surprise birthday thing for me last Oct. 28 2009
55)When did you recently angered about?
To cretonne (little brother)
56)How many times do you mail [text] in one day?
it depends.
57)What is your cell phone background image [wallpaper]?
58)Favorite number is?
10. because it's the month of my b-day
59)First thing you do when you wake up is?
pray to God
60)How long does it take you to get out of the house from waking up in the morning?
1 hour
61)Is your breakfast rice type or bread type?
62)Do you check the forecast before you leave?
63)What do you do in your room?
Write stories and sleep
64)Are you a bathtub type or shower type?
Shower, it's more faster..
65)How long does it take you to bathe?
15 minutes.
66)Where do you wash first when washing your body?
67)What do you always do before you go to bed?
Pray to God
68)Do you use bed or futon?
69)What color is your bed sheets?
pink para igat
70)How well do you sleep? Good or bad?
71)Is your mood good or bad, when you wake up?
72)What do you wear to sleep? .
73)How long is your average sleep?
6-8 hours
74)How long have you slept for the longest?
10 hours
75)What does your family call you by?
76)Are you type of person who shows their feeling by face?
I don't know..
77)How do you get rid of stress?
go to sleep
78)What instruments can you play?
nothing yet.. XD
79)Is your room clean?
80)What is your favorite part about your room?
My bed
81)If your were to describe yourself in color?
blue, because.. I don't know, i'm sometimes calm when there are problems..
82)Do you have any wording habit?
83)When is a moment when you think “I think I’m cool”?
when i'm sick.. XD
84)When is a moment when you think “I’m not cool.. !?”?
When I do stupid things
85)Favorite ingredients in your onigiri [rice ball] is.. ?
rice.. HAHAHA
86)Favorite ingredients in your sandwich is..?
87)What do you always do before a performance?
Our groupmates would always gather and pray.
88)Do you get nervous before an performance?
89)Are you interested in seeing your name on a poster or Cartolina?
90)What is your number 1 mistake during a performance?
I get my lines wrong sometimes..
91)Do you have any treasures?
My Diary
92)Where do you want to go for an oversea travel?
93)Where do you want to travel inside of Japan?
94)Where do you want to go for your honeymoon?
Italy. It's romantic there.. I think
95)How many kids do you want?
About 2. My ideal kids are a boy and a girl
96)What do you want your future kids to call you by?
97)What kind of adult do you want to be?
Person who is loved by children.
98)Few words to yourself right now!
Never give up!
99)Few words to yourself in 10 years!
Are you still the youngest of your batch?
100)How do you feel on your 100th question?

chime-chan :]