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HSJ Calendar 2009~2010 Profile: Kota Yabu

薮 宏太 Kota Yabu
Born on 90.1.31 in Tokyo
Bloodtype A
Height: 178 cm

Hobby: Reading, movie appreciation
Special Skills: Memorization
Favourite food: Rice with egg (take note, it's raw egg on top of the rice) 
Disliked food: Tomato
Type of girl: An honest and pampered girl

2009.4~2010.3 Objective
I want to go on a trip around the World Heritage! Going abroad is nice, but I think I want to attack Japan first. What I wanted to go see for once is the “Shirokami Mountainous District” that opens for some time between Aomori and Akita. Next is that I want to see the pure and more than 3000 years old “Jomonsugi” in Yakushima! Anyway, the scenery there is beautiful and air is very delicious so therefore I want go see it.
(By the way, Jomonsugi is a huge tree here in Japan that is very old.) 

My Schedule Management Method
I have longed to keep a schedule book, so during my second year of junior high I have bought one yo. But, on three days I have failed to keep one *haha*. After that, I didn’t keep a memo pad, and I remember my work plans by my head. However, my PC’s memo pad has a diary kind of feel, and I record things that have been over. Afterwards, I remember things that happened ne.

This Year’s Birthday Plan
On my next birthday, I will be finally 20! I honestly feel that I want to spend the day with things I want to do, but if my life were to end at my 20th birthday, I absolutely want to spend it with my family. For my parents who brought me up on these 20 years, I need to properly express my gratitude to them ne. The climax would be when everybody sees my pictures when I was little na.