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HSJ Calendar 2009~2010 Profile: Yuya Takaki
Aug. 13th, 2009 at 12:19 PM

Enjoy Takaki-kun's profile!

Yuya Takaki
Born 90.3.26 in Osaka
Bloddtype O
Height: 174 cm

Hobby: Aroma Massage
Special Skills: Basketball
Favourite food: Hamburger (the kind without the bun)
Disliked food: Celery, parsley
Type of girl: An energetic, active girl

2009.4~2010.3 Objective
It doesn’t mean this year I have an objective, I have one, but it’s a big dream yo. That is to have JUMP have a concert once again in Tokyo Dome!! It’s okay if it’s even after 10 years, having that to really happen would be good na. For this dream to happen, I am doing things I can do steadily. For my private life, I want to start skiing during this year! Actually, I haven’t done that yet.

My Schedule Management Method
To say it clearly, I don’t know if I spend my times loosely….Particularly, my mornings are pretty weak ne *bitter smile*. Since that is just me I carefully avoid plans early in the morning. It can’t be helped if it’s for work, so I adjust myself in my private time beforehand. Next is that there are many patterns when somebody comes in to play with me ne. When it comes to that, I won‘t be late!

This Year’s Birthday Plan
Finally I’m going to be 20, huh. It would be a memorable day to become an adult from a child, so for sure my close pals might plan something for me naa… Speaking of 20 years old, you have a birthday, but there’s the coming-of-age ceremony event ne. When it comes to JUMP members, me and Yabu-kun are the same age, so maybe me and him should celebrate it together? I look forward to it.

Coming of age ceremony or in Japanese the “seijinshiki” is a ceremony here in Japan for people who reach 20 years old. It is celebrated at the second Monday of January.
Please correct me if I have mistakes. I'm so happy Takaki's objective will come true..! It's a dream come true for us too ne..