100 QUESTIONS..(aaachan)

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1)You are going to answer 100 questions. How do you feel?
i'm going to survive this test!bwahaha!XD i will survive!yeahyeah!XD
2)How are you feeling today?
feeling kind of complicated.dunno why but my tummy hurts.
3)Tell us your height and weight!
160cm. maybe 162cm because pre-chan is 160cm and i'm more taller than her.
4)I want to ____ this spring!
go fishing
5)Do you like spring?
yes.:) though i only experienced spring once.
6)Do you have pollinosis (allergies)?
skin allergy.
7)What color is spring color?
mainly green!!:D
8)Spring item you’ve recently purchased is?
9)What do you want to eat right now?
10)What do you want right now?
gifts for my friends.
11)What do you want to do right now?
put some pictures of the syndrome in the blog.:))
12)If you were to time slip, would you go to the past? Or future?
can i stay at the present?:) but i would like to try both past and future. to see what crazy things i had done in the past and to see what would mother nature would look like in the future..hopefully, she'll recover ne?:)
13)What do you want to be if you were reborn? .
still me i guess.
14)What do you think your previous existence was?
an alien.:)
15)Number 1 fashionable member is?
16)Number 1 crybaby member is?
probably me.XD
17)Number 1 sharpest member is?
hmm..maybe jie-chan.:)
18)Number 1 soothing type of member is?
everyone i guess.
19)Number 1 active member is?
i think almost all of us are active.
20)Number 1 photogenic member is?
i think chivy but all of us are photogenic in our own ways.:)
21)Number 1 good looking member is?
all of us.:)
22)Number 1 kindest member is?
23)What kind of person is Dii-chan?
magnifico, intelligent and loves to telebabad.:)
24)What kind of person is Jie-chan?
she's really nice and helpful.:)
25)What kind of person is Chivy-chan?
she would suddenly act crazy. she loves to eat food.XD
26)What kind of person is Chime-chan?
the youngest in the group but she thinks matured.:)
27)What kind of person is Roan-chan?
she has everything!when you need something, she has it.:)
28)What kind of person is Aaa-chan?
29)What kind of person is Rina-chan? Jin-chan?
rina's the cutest artist you can find. jin-chan is an energetic person.:)
30)What kind of person is Pre-chan?
she shares secrets with me. she multi-talented. she even helps me play piano.:)
31)What kind of person is Mii-chan?
she loves sports. just what gui-chan said, she's somewhat crazy too.XD
32)What kind of person is Gui-chan?
she loves asia no yoru. a person who is crazy and energetic.:)
33)If you were to switch places for one day from the members?
i would like to switch places with jie-chan so that i can be matured for a day.XD
34)What makes you think you are glad to be a SYNDROME member?
they're my barkada and i can't find any good friends rather than them:)
35)One SYNDROME's pride.
we're crazy and we're happy.:)
36)What do you want to be called by your boyfriend?
maybe for 2 hours i guess.
38)When you get a boyfriend, do you want to contact each other everyday?
yes. it is important for me. so that i would know if he already ate his lunch or whatever.:)
39)Mature boy or cute boy, which is your type?
40)Chubby type or skinny type, which is your type?

41)Quiet boy or active boy, which is your type?
can i have both?
42)What kind of situation do you fall in love?
when we talk about mother nature.
43)What do you demand for your future husband?
i want him to support me fight against global warming and save mother earth.
44)What does love means to you?
love is everything. everything comes from God. so God is love.
45)Best mimic.
46)Favorite part of your body is?
my smile.i dunno why.XD
47)Least favorite part of your body is?
my pimple.arrghh!DX
48)Your weakness is?
when i'm at the edge to sleep in the middle of the class.
49)Favorite food is?
healthy foods.
50)A person who is sensitive (can’t stand) to heat or to cold?
51)Are you an impatient or patient person?
patient person. but i can be impatient too.:)
52)Are you an romantic or a realistic person?
53)Your hobby right now.
listening to songs and facebook.:)
54)When did you recently cried about?
when we lost our volleyball game against the sophomores because of some sort of cheating.>X
55)When did you recently angered about?
i forgot.
56)How many times do you mail [text] in one day?
maybe 20-30. i guess.i'm not a cellphone person.
57)What is your cell phone background image [wallpaper]?
sasuke and sakura.:)
58)Favorite number is?
59)First thing you do when you wake up is?
say to myself " thank you for another wonderful day, God." and the massage my face.:)
60)How long does it take you to get out of the house from waking up in the morning?
lol. i dunno. i guess
61)Is your breakfast rice type or bread type?
rice type.
62)Do you check the forecast before you leave?
sometimes only.
63)What do you do in your room?
sleep and surf the net.
64)Are you a bathtub type or shower type?
shower type.
65)How long does it take you to bathe?
about 40mins i guess. my longest is one hour. but when it's weekdays, i only bath for 15 mins because of school.
66)Where do you wash first when washing your body?
mii head.
67)What do you always do before you go to bed?
pray to God and say "bonne nait" to my brother.:)
68)Do you use bed or futon?
bed.:) though i like futons but it's not popular in our country.
69)What color is your bed sheets?
pink with some green stripes.
70)How well do you sleep? Good or bad?
often good.:)
71)Is your mood good or bad, when you wake up?
it depends upon the situation.
72)What do you wear to sleep? .
73)How long is your average sleep?
6-7 hours.:|
74)How long have you slept for the longest?
maybe 12 hours.XD
75)What does your family call you by?
76)Are you type of person who shows their feeling by face?
it shows on my face.:)
77)How do you get rid of stress?
eat food or sleep.
78)What instruments can you play?
none really.XD
79)Is your room clean?
partially no, partially yes.XD
80)What is your favorite part about your room?
my bed and the window.:)
81)If your were to describe yourself in color?
82)Do you have any wording habit?
83)When is a moment when you think “I think I’m cool”?
when i get good grades.
84)When is a moment when you think “I’m not cool.. !?”?
when i act weird and crazy.XD
85)Favorite ingredients in your onigiri [rice ball] is.. ?
86)Favorite ingredients in your sandwich is..?

87)What do you always do before a performance?
Our groupmates would always gather and pray.
88)Do you get nervous before an performance?
89)Are you interested in seeing your name on a poster or Cartolina?
90)What is your number 1 mistake during a performance?
i forget my lines and actions.XD
91)Do you have any treasures?
awww men. now i remembered my long lost bracelet and it was never found.:((
92)Where do you want to go for an oversea travel?
Europe and Africa.
93)Where do you want to travel inside of Japan?
94)Where do you want to go for your honeymoon?
i don't know. on Mt. Everest.XD
95)How many kids do you want?
2. i want a boy then a girl.
96)What do you want your future kids to call you by?
97)What kind of adult do you want to be?
an adult who can talk to anyone.
98)Few words to yourself right now!
don't lose hope in saving mother earth.
99)Few words to yourself in 10 years!
wow. you manage to help mother nature.:)
100)How do you feel on your 100th question?
i survived!!XD