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2009.4~2010.3 HSJ Calendar Profile: Yuri Chinen


知念 侑李 Yuri Chinen
Born on 1993.11.30 in Shizuoka
Bloodtype AB 
Height: 153 cm

Hobby: Naps
Special Skills: Acrobatics
Favourite food: Gyoza (dumplings)
Disliked food: Eggplants
Type of girl: Fun to talk with kind of girl

2009.4~2010.3 Objective
I’ve been talking about that I want to go to the onsen (hot springs) with Yuto-kun and Keito-kun. I want that plan to really happen~ The destination would be in Hakone (it’s a popular onsen resort) or the kind of far away Beppu (it’s Japan’s onsen capital) is good too na. Once we arrive at the destination, we first go to the onsen slowly. Then later we would play ping-pong in yukata, huh☆ Keito is very good at ping-pong. I can’t win if I just play just myself so I will form an alliance with Yuto-kun and play as a pair, and that way, us two can topple Keito!

My Schedule Management Method
My work plans, and private plans too, all are exchanged through mail so when I look through my received messages inbox I remember my schedule. Besides that, I don’t do anything else! Lateness is definitely a no-no. It’s always my plan to arrive to the place 30 minutes early. In the morning, my mom wakes me up just perfectly☆ Mom, I’ll always thank you ne.

This year’s Birthday Plan
One day, I’ll borrow Yuto-kun, because I want to date him♥ We will be meeting ahead of time, at 8:00 in the morning! We’ll go to the amusement park, scream in the ghost mansion, and for lunch we’ll eat in a somewhat cool Italian restaurant☆ For the commemoration, we’ll buy matching key holders at the amusement park, eat my favorite gyoza for dinner, and the day ends. And then I return Yuto-kun. That’s the end of my wild idea of my birthday.