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HSJ Calendar 2009~2010 Profile: Daiki Arioka

 有岡大貴 Daiki Arioka
Born on 1991.4.15 in Chiba
Bloodtype A
Height: 164 cm

Hobby: Movie appreciation
Special Skills: Hizakakkun (is hard to explain, but is kinda like a prank)
Favourite food: Omellete rice
Disliked food: Umeboshi (pickled plum)
Type of girl: A girl who is always cheerful

2009.4~2010.3 Objective

Lately, people who’ve been barely around me have been saying that I seem to look adult-like. That actually makes me happy. So, on this one year, I want to be a man that people will really say that on ne. My image of an ideal cool man is a “person who does not have a favourite and disliked food”. So the first thing I have to do is to try my best eating the umeboshi I hate!

My Schedule Management Method
I really don’t look at the calendar everyday, and so with school, so today I end up saying I wonder what day is it today. So when I see the daily lesson chart, I look like I realized “Ahh, so it’s Wednesday, huh”. So during the one week that has national holiday, I take it like a summer vacation, and end up having no sense of the day of the week. After graduating in high school, I wonder in what way I can learn to have the sense of the week….

This Year’s Birthday Plan
During elementary, some of my friends would be invited to my house, and every year we would do a birthday party. However, ever since then I did not have an event like that. Nagging my parents for a gift I have not done too ne. But, this time on my birthday, I think I want to have that party that hasn’t been done for awhile. Any place would be good so at any rate I want to have an uproar with my friends, the games, and the splendid food we will have!


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