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HSJ Calendar 2009~2010 Profile: Yuto Nakajima

中島裕翔 Yuto Nakajima
Born on 1993.08.10 in Tokyo
Bloodtype A 
Height: 174 cm
Hobbies: Music appreciation (generally it's emphasised on rock-type music)
Special Skills: Drums, Tap (tapdance)
Favourite Foods: Basashi (raw horse meat), Tebasaki (chicken wing), Chanja, Sunagimo (gizzard)
Disliked Food: Mushrooms
Type of girl he likes: A kind girl that drags me along 

My 2009.4~2010.3 Objective
I want to have a boxing challenge! I don't have a lot of muscles so I want to train my body in the gym. Once I have made muscles, I want to become a cool man. Also, in this year I think me being busier than how I am now would be great. Concerts, releasing CDs, drama.. I want to do soo much! Having the standard "Having fun is great" feeling, you can seem to deal with everything ne!

My Schedule Management Method 
Everyday, my mom makes a report of my schedule of the next day, and makes me do a memo of it. It's not just me but also the family too. Because if she doesn't know about their plans, she starts to gets worried ne. When making the report, I input the information it into my head so I don't have to put it in a notepad or in my cellphone anymore. In exchange of that, interesting stuff that happened on that day, I make a memo of it in my cellphone so I don't forget about it!

This Year's Birthday Plan
Every year, after eating out with my family, we bring home cake to eat to celebrate. Recently, everybody in my family celebrated my birthday in a suprising and seldom manner, so I was very happy! But this year I want to be greeted on my birthday during a taping of a drama. The thought that I see Chinen and Dai-chan greet me, then a lot of people then greet me “Happy Birthday” is so nice!