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HSJ Calendar 2009~2010 Profile: Hikaru Yaotome

Enjoy reading Hikaru-kun's profile!

Hikaru Yaotome
Born on 90.12.2 in Miyagi
Bloodtype O
Height: 172 cm

Hobby: Drinking herb tea, billiards
Special Skills: Making people laugh
Favourite food: Kimchi-nabe (hot pot of kimchi)
Disliked food: Pears
Type of girl: A neat and graceful girl

2009.4~2010.3 Objective
Because one’s time increases by high school graduation, I will take advantage of that time and want to challenge various things. One is that I’ll train my body in the gym. Before, I got to enroll in the gym for a period, but since I didn’t have the time, I quitted it. I think I’ll properly do it this time for sure. I’ll put together a menu that emphasises on aerobic exercise, and I’ll make slender and flexible muscles!

My Schedule Management Method
When it comes to work plans, I don’t make a memo of it, because I remember all of it. Having a schedule book sense inside my head, I can store up to 3 days schedules there ne. I have a feeling that old plans are steadily overwritten into new plans. In the morning, I wake up properly comparing them yo. I prepare 2 alarm clocks, one is set on my desired waking time, and one is already set 15 minutes earlier.

This Year’s Birthday Plan
On my 19th birthday, I want to noisily make an uproar with 5~6 of my close friends! And in addition to that, I want it celebrated with a surprise naa. If everyone planned it behind my back and kept it a secret from me, I’ll be super happy!! …umm I may seem to be pestering though *haha*. If there is no cake it will be totally OK! I want to nudge everyone to have nabe (hot pot meal) instead na.