Chii and Ohno talking.

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I feel really nervous to draw Ohno’s face!

Chinen: Today’s photoshoot, we catch many toy fishes (laugh).

Ohno: Yes, it’s more that I expected (laugh). I get teaching about fishing from Chinen-kun too (page 187)

Chinen: I really proud with all about that. Moreover, I can go fishing with Ohno-kun

Ohno: It’s fine yo. But if we really can go, does chinen-kun not get seasickness?

Chinen: Ee…how can I answer that nee. Because I never ride a ship, I don’t know that I can get drunk or not.

Ohno: If we really go fishing in actual condition, we have to ride a ship about 10 hours yo.

Chinen: Ee!? Well then, if we don’t plaster our body with sunscreen, it’s really not good ne.

Ohno: Although we use it, it’s no effect yo (laugh)

Chinen: Ohno-kun, are you get drunk too when you go fishing for the first time?

Ohno: No, from the beginning, I never get drunk. Chinen-kun, how about you? (laugh). I think if you can resist to not get drunk about 30 minutes from beginning, you will fine later. Well, let’s go together someday ne.

Chinen: Yes, I want to go. Although I had photoshoot with Ohno-kun at many times, but today I’m still feel proud (shine face). But, are we become a little more familiar? I want talk with Ohno-kun again and again. Then, if we can do serial story together, it will be good na.

Ohno: If we can do it, let’s make multiple serial in magazine (laugh). But, today, generally, is here something that you want to say?

Chinen: Sure, I want to say that today is greater than anything, I really feel happy! Moreover, I can talk with Ohno-kun personally, because I think it’s really hard to talk with Ohno-kun in TV program.

Ohno: Ahahaha..why?

Chinen: Because I really nervous (laugh)! But today I feel Ohno-kun have kind aura more than usual.

Ohno: so before this, when I talk with you, I don’t have kind aura?! (laugh) Today, you don’t feel nervous, is it because no people surrounding us?

Chinen: Surely! At last conversation, there;s about 10 peoples surrounding us.

Ohno: Yes, for the first time, there’re only 2 persons, but then everyone seems feel curious about our conversation (laugh). It’s completely like reporter and audience.

Chinen: to compare with that, today is really lenient!

Ohno: Maybe today they don’t feel excited (laugh). And then today, we can draw together, right? I want to see all Chinen’s draw. I want draw many picture yo. We say, “I draw that picture” or “I draw this picture”. It’s really full of laugh ne.

Chinen: Ahaha. What’s the meaning of that? (note: why Ohno want to see his pic)

Ohno: It is about Interesting Chinen’s picture yo . Sakurai Sho-kun surely said about that too. It’s really interesting (about Chinen’s picture)

Chinen: I understand! I think I will across Picasso’s way.

Ohno: Yes, good thought! (laugh)

Chinen: I think Ohno’s picture that really good. You really skillfully in draw like this, it’s really awesome. Moreover, I think the face of the person is finished perfectly. (laugh)

Ohno: But this picture seems really childish. Maybe if Chinen-kun have a younger brother, the face is like this (laugh).

Chinen: I don’t have art sense enough. It becomes other person (note: his pic not resemble with Ohno’s face). When I hear that there’s draws a picture section in today interview, I get a pressure. I feel like I hesitate to go.

Ohno: You dislike all about that?!

Chinen: It’s really not good for me yo~ I wish I could draw a good picture. And then I get pressure when I asked to draw Ohno’s face.

Ohno: But Chinen’s picture is good after all. Chinen-kun is doing it with your taste. If you wan t to draw it more real, how many times you try, maybe it’s really impossible to draw exactly same with the real even though you get teachings from others

Chinen: Ee~ the things like that is makes me feel nervous (note: to learn something from someone). Every time when I learn about something from others, I always feel nervous yo. Because of that I practice only acrobatic by myself.

Ohno: Ah, maybe it is suitable for you. You have same preference with me, I like to do self-study too. I can get the way of learning any things by myself. Change topic, Chinen-kun, you’re study for examination some time ago, right? You have to do your best in your work and your school, because both of them are important things. When you go back to home after this, you will study again, right?

Chinen: Yes. Maybe, because I think I’m still first year if high school student, so I have to do my best to reach good marks. I guess eventually my spirit will become tremble.

Ohno: Ah, but it is good yo.

Chinen: Merely, if I get red marks, school will call me ne.

Ohno: EEEh?! It’s disagreeable.

Chinen: Yes, it’s really disagreeable, so I guess I have to study.

Ohno: So, do your best! (laugh). When I have been in age like Chinen-kun, what I did na~?

There’s theater in Kyoto, every year I went to there, since my age 16 until 18 years old. I went to Tokyo for 3 months, and then I went o Kyoto again and live there.

Chinen: Oh, Kyoto ne. I never to do field trip to Kyoto…

Ohno: Chinen-kun, you was born in 93, right?

Chinen: Yes

Ohno: I entered Johnny’s in 94

Chinen: Aa~! If I think about that, when Ohno-kun entered Johhnys, Morimoto-kun still not born yet.

Ohno: Souka (bitter smile). Then, if I think when I entered Johnnys, Chinen-kun still 1 years old, I feel so strange. (kenken: It’s your son!XD)

Chinen: It’s cool! At that time, I still didn’t know about Johnnys totally.

Ohno: It’s natural yo (laugh)

Chinen: Ahaha (laugh). I was knowing Johnnys when my age turn 4-5 years old. And then when my age was 5-6 years, when I’m in kindergarten, I read my wish in birthday card, “I want to enter Johnnys!”. When I see Johnnys for he first time, I think “Uwaaa~” directly.

Ohno: When you wrote your birthday wish, you not see Johnnys yet?

Chinen: Yes. Bu I always want to see that.

Ohno: Cool!

Chinen: I have been attracting to Ohno-kun since I’m in kindergarten ne.

Ohno: Yes! At that time, I’m still in Junior, right?

Chinen: No, although I’m still in senior years in kindergarten, if I sing Arashi’s song, many children that surrounding me said, “I know that song!” directly.

Ohno: I want to see that na~. that’s right, Arashi has passed 10 years since debut and Chinen is 15 years old, it makes sense, if Chinen still kindergarten at that time.

Chinen: Even I bought first single of Arashi yo! In that case, there’s handshake meeting ticket. But because I’m still live in Shizuoka, so I can’t go! Besides I really want to see it.

Ohno: Hee…(admire)

Chinen: Ehehe..After I had entered Johnnys like now, although I has became senior in Johnnys, but before all of that, I just a fan (laugh).

Ohno: thank you (laugh). Oh yeah, there’s something that you want to ask me?

Chinen: Yes. Can I ask question to you?

Ohno: Sure yo.

Chinen: Then, are there something that you like to do except fishing and drawing?

Ohno: I like walking alone.

Chinen: I like walking too. When Arashi’s concert, “Dream Alive!” in Tokyo Dome, although I have promise to meet my friend in Yotsuya, I take 2 hours to walk from Shibuya o Yotsuya.

Ohno: is it right?! So, at this time, let’s walk together!

Chinen: Sure! Err…can I ask one question again? When Ohno-kun feel ON in TV program? OFF?

Ohno: why you ask about that? (laugh)

Chinen: I want to know Ohno-kun deeply…(laugh). Then at concert, I feel uneasy when I feel a gap (note: in wrong pitch, maybe?) in your solo song.

Ohno: Souka. Of course I have to always ON. But Chinen-kun, are you ever feel sleep when you’ve been in TV program? (note: OFF =maybe don’t feel excited and fell asleep)

Chinen: No, never (laugh). Maybe because I always feel excited.

Ohno: When you see VTR again, you never see you seen sleep?

Chinen: A Few…but camera don’t record you if you seen sleepy.

Ohno: When I see the VTR, I success to find myself in sleepiness. Because at that time, I can’t tolerate again to not sleep.

Chinen: Kyahahahaha (big laugh). You were asleep!!

Ohno: I always tell to myself if I feel asleep that I have to come back home soon if my schedule has finished. Then, if I go fishing again later, I will send you a photograph of fish. After this, inform your address ne. And then, I’ll report all fish that I catch.

Chinen: OK!

Ohno: Chinen-kun, you’re so obedient yo. At this time, I find other similarity about us that we like self-study, I feel happy yo. Last, are you read the instruction part? (note: maybe instruction about this interview like when the interview finished)

Chinen: I don’t read that part. Example, even in game, I always search all special move (note: like in fighting game) with all my might (without read instruction part)

Ohno: Yes, we don’t read about that together (laugh). (note: he don’t want this interview was finished too..XD)