JUMP Myojo 0909 6 page interview

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Yabu: since it's hard for all of us 10 to be gathers together, whatever the members would like to say, let's do it in an orderly manner.

Okamoto: so, it's okay for me to start? Hikaru-kun, is it okay for me to just stop calling you 'Hikaru '?

Takaki: ahaha (laughs). Keito, you're suddenly all so close.

Hikaru: eh? it's fine, but I wouldn't know if you're replying to me (laughs).

Keito: actually, I've always wanted to do that. But, before I do it, when I call out 'Hikaru', and just before I say 'kun', I'll trail off, and say 'fuunn' instead. So, I go 'Hikaru...fuunn' (laughs).

Inoo: do you really want to call him that that badly?

Hikaru: I don't really mind, the way you call doesn't really matter. If I can understand it, I don't really mind it anyway.

Yabu: really? Go, ryutaro!

Ryutaro: Ya.o.to.mee!

Hikaru: (looks at Ryutaro) Nn? Oh Oh... Everyone, (waves) is it okay if me and Ryutaro gets a little all close and stuff? Ryutaro-kun, come into here it's supposed to be a embrace or something XD.

Ryutaro: eh! But you just said that it's okay to call you by anything (cries)

yuto: he suddenly got angry (laughs).

Okamoto: one more thing, I have something to tell Hikaru-kun. You have yet to return the thing you borrowed from me.

Hikaru: eh, no way!

Yuto: me too, I had lent Hikaru-kun a dvd, but you didn't return it back to me. It was a series, but there was only one disc inserted in the center of it.

Arioka: I lent quite a few things to Hikaru-kun too!

Hikaru: what's up with you guys!! just what did I borrow from you guys.

Keito: first off, is the book 34 of the manga, and also....

Hikaru: eh? I borrowed that?

Okamoto: the thing from 'summary ', and I even said that "return it to me, okay?"

Hikaru: eh? Because you said you had finished reading the book, so I thought that I could take my time. So~rry!

Takaki: Hikaru-kun, you have to upright and say the truth (laughs)

Yabu: speaking of which, during 8th grade, I gave Hikaru a necklace, and I really meant gave, but I never even saw him wear it once....

 Yamada: that's sad (laughs)

Yabu: if you're speaking about borrowing stuff, I borrowed a shirt to Inoo once, but he never did return it to me.

Inoo: eh? Didn't I return it already?

Takaki: okayokayokayyyy. Let's stop this already, let's stop this borrowing topic.

Chinen: then, next is me! To Inoo-chan!

Inoo: aaaa?

Chinen: somehow, your words seems to be filled with lies? But it seems interesting.

Inoo: lies! how do i, someone that's so serious, be filled with lies?

Yabu: all lies!

Keito: he's a liar no matter how you see it! for example, when I ask "do you listen to this?", he just goes "yeah".

Inoo: certainly, yeah. Don't get misunderstood! I don't really lie. I don't like lies.

Chinen: that feeling is a lie (laughs).

Yabu: let's go to the next thing. About Takaki, his hands are always moving around, touching things, didn't you bring anything?

Chinen: eh? (puts hands to chest) hands moving around touching things? Kyaa!

Yabu: yeah yeah... Eh, that's not right (laughs).

Yamada: it's about not holding onto anything.

Takaki: because~ isn't it just fine with a wallet and phone? Just put the things that you need into your pocket. I hate putting things on my hand. I don't bring umbrellas too.

Yuto: eh, so it's like that.

Takaki: Yabu-kun is like a kid, though he looks like that. He suddenly threw a t-shirt in the dressing room around....

Yabu: well, I'm just like a kid.

Takaki: but, you hit it off well with younger people right?

Ryutaro: Yabu-kun likes to talk to me about my favourite topic, like anime or nagano baseball.

Yabu: not really, I just talked about what I was interested in.

Ryutaro: but then, you look like a big kid when you suddenly sing out in a loud voice.

Chinen: and that's cute

Keito: that side of him is really straight-forward.

Yabu: then, I shall continue to become a kid from now on.

Hikaru: then, next. Dai-chan's a hardcore game.

Daiki: ah, that's quite true.

Hikaru: I'm actually not the type to play lots of such games, but through Dai-chan's tempting, I just play it. Return me my healthy vision!

Daiki: eh. But you always have fun!

Hikaru: then, thanks for always

Inoo: just which is it? (laughs)

Yuto: about Chinen, he eats a lot of different things, but, there he normally just stops eating after halfway?

Chinen: it's because you have to widen your vision for actions. If you do that you can eat a lot more than you normally do. So, if you don't eat a variety of food a little at a time, you won't be able to choose your favourite food.

Yamada: I recognise that reason (laughs).

Hikaru: for Ryutaro, he just comes asking me for something as long as there's something he doesn't understand.

Ryutaro: yeahyeah. A while before I got my hair cut, I sent Hikaru-kun a mail, saying "what kind of hairstyle do you think actually suits me?".

Inoo: but, that makes you look cooler

Hikaru: but~ isn't it time for him to become independent soon?

Ryutaro: I know that. But it's annoying to do that. Sending a mail Hikaru-kun that replies to mails promptly, is kind.

Daiki: about yama-chan, when he sees cooking ingredients, he becomes a total housewife.

Yamada: maybe (laughs). Heyhey, did you know? At the departmental store's basement, there's a sale going on in front of a store!

Daiki: that part of him is like a housewife (laughs).

yamada: the basements of the departmental store is fun....

Hikaru: when I see yamada's cooking during "school kakumei!", it certainly is good.

Yamada: next, to catch fish, we have to be good at it he actually means that they have to work hard for what they want . Good luck ~

Yabu: for Yuto, when he sat next to me in the car, he was always spending his time practicing his drum, his arms and legs were  going 8 beats at a time. With that movements, I just couldn't fall asleep, but~

Yuto: eh, sorry! I was enclosed in my own world. So,thing to stop these weird habits from coming out, time to time, let's practice as a band at the studio. I'll take the drum, Keito the guitar, and Hikaru-kun with the bass. Won't Yabu-kun join in with the guitar as well?

Yabu: oh, Okay!

Inoo: and my piano...?

Yuto: of course, join in, too!

Takaki: yamada, won't you join and play the trumpet?

Yamada: I'm not doing it now~

Yabu: then, yamada can use the J board (a two wheeled skateboard) and perform at the next concert!

Yamada: you're right. It might be fun. I'll consider it for now.
Yuto: soon, it'll be 2 years since our debut....

Takaki: eh? Is it so?

Yabu: it'll be our 2nd year during september.

Daiki: our teamwork has really turned deep.

Chinen: of course!

Yabu: this is amazing, our teamwork!
Takaki: since, everyone has become good friends.
Yabu: if we think back, I think that we were all rather confused back then.

Hikaru: pu~zz~le~d~!

Takaki: that was some amazing past.

Yabu: adding on, people who were seniors and juniors suddenly became members.

Keito: for me, when I had joined in, I was a total fool, everyone was a senior. I was satisfied with wherever the wind takes me to.

Hikaru: yeah.
 Daiki: then, who has change the most ever since debuting?

Yamada: I think it's Ryutaro.

Ryutaro: eh~ why?

Chinen: nono, it's not Ryutaro.

Ryutaro: right, right?

Chinen: since he hasn't changed much since a junior. The way he speaks. Just like a total brat.

Hikaru: certainly. He was a total stupid brat during that time.

Chinen: and now he still doesn't really use formal words.

Yabu: just that, his talks get a little boring at times.

Ryutaro: wait a minute!

Takaki: for me, I think that Ryutaro has become much more energetic. There was this time when he just read his books, watch dvds, it was like he was alone in his own world. Recently, he has become more together with everyone. He'd have animated talks with everyone.

Ryutaro: ...because I'll get preached.

Takaki: eh~, huh, get preached?

Hikaru: with that, this time round, we've got lots of things to say, right? It's not just Ryutaro, and lets talk about how we're going to go with the wind from now on.

Takaki: yeahyeah. We weren't gathered here just to find topics to talk about, but we would really want to find some quality time for us to talk, not just for JUMP, but for the members.

Yabu: you. For your sake, all of us always goes "it's great this way", helping you. Get it?

Daiki: advice! Advice!

Takaki: since we're all getting closer, preaching is not good.

Ryutaro: yes. Yeah.

Yabu: if you speak about preaching, then I shan't speak anymore! What a misfortune!

Ryutaro: I'm wrong! I'm wrong!

Yabu: just kiddin (laughs)

Ryutaro: haaaaa~ that's great~.

Hikaru: Then, since it’s a rare chance, shall we talk about JUMP from now on?

Yamada: For me, I think that up till now, we are still good. I like JUMP as it is now. We have the energy that is lacking in the other groups, and our 10-person friendship is amazing. Our bonds are always getting deeper and deeper. Also, because of our age, the members are slowly getting older and becoming adults, and I think is grea~t.

Yabu: Maybe it’s because the JUMP members are still teenagers. There are members that are like children though they are not. Take me for an example.

Chinen: I’m still a bud OwO I still remember reading a fic called “chinen the bud” or something XD oh hey, maybe your fic has something to do with his real life XDDDD

Hikaru: Then, I’m the bulb!

Inoo: Aren’t the roots out yet?

Yabu: yeahyeah (laughs). Let’s continue to rise from there. From now on, no matter how we change, let’s continue to enjoy!

Inoo: For me, I would like to see more of younger children coming to our concert, with their parents, I would like to be a group like that.

Ryutaro: For me, I’ll always want to be energetic.

Takaki: only you would say such things (laughs).

Hikaru: It’s only recently that you’ve become more energetic!

Ryutaro: Sorry!

Yabu: Heyhey, let’s be a group that grows and learns from their experiences.

Takaki: ahaha (laughs). Yeah.

Yuto: wouldn’t it be better if we had more activities together?

Takaki: I would want everyone in Japan to remember who is “Hey! Say! JUMP”. I think that there’s still a lot of people that still doesn’t know who we are. Grandfathers, grandmothers, I would like them to know, too.

Chinen: Then, let’s be a group that is able to earn these fame.

Yabu: That seems possible though (laughs)

Hikaru: oblates oblates (laughs)

Chinen: Just kidding. Oh yeah, I want to be like a group that my favourite Ohno-kun is in! First off, we have to become 5 person….

Yabu: Hey!

Chinen: Ah, I got it wrong (laughs) Not that, but we have to be a winning hosting group.

Yamada: There’s a great feeling to that.

Yabu: Heyhey, about Chinen, he can be the main of it, right?

Takaki: That’s something I’d like to see.

Chinen: Impossible. I can’t talk!

Yabu: Don’t say that, just try~

Chinen: It definitely won’t work! How about Keito?

Keito: Ah, it’s my turn to speak (laughs). For me, I’ll prefer to be in a group in which everyone in the group can be a main role! I really wish for more things to come for individual, there might be things for 7 and BEST separately, but when everyone is together, suddenly, It just power ups!

Daiki: Then, do you think that we are still lacking in members?

Chinen: 10 is definitely not enough. We still have to add about 48 more.

Takaki: Annoying (laughs)

Inoo: When we first think of cutting down, we think of adding more next? I think that 10 is just nice.

Yabu: Not enough…. When one person says something, we would wish for more opinion. And it would be easier to save the situation when we run out of things to say.

Yuto: It’s probably because we have little vocabulary?

Yabu: If you talk about vocabulary, it’s not about just learning, but your desire to learn!

Keito: The desire.

Hikaru: Just like the sea, there’s those big waves.

Yabu: yeahyeahyeah (laughs). At times being quiet, and the next, being wild.

Hikaru: yeahyeahyeahyeah(laughs). Let’s ride that wave with all the guests.

Takaki: And, we’ll always continue!

Yamada: Certainly, the nice conbi (laughs). P.S, GAWD, I made a really stupid mistake with the date! Thanks to the person who told me!