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HSJ Calendar 2009~2010 Profile: Kei Inoo

伊野尾 Kei Inoo
Born on 1990.6.22 in Saitama
Bloodtype A
Height: 172 cm

Hobby: Playing with the dogs
Special Skills: Can sleep anywhere
Favourite food: Motsunabe (hot pot with soup and meat entrails, and vegetables)
Disliked food: Spinach
Type of girl: A girl who tries her best to go beyond her dreams. A girl with common sense.

2009.4~2010.3 Objective
I want to have the appearance of a gentleman! The target is Keito. When we were eating together, my hamburger (a hamburger without the bun) was wrapped in hot aluminum foil, he suddenly opened it for me using a knife. It was silently smart…for me♥ The first step in becoming a gentlemen, is first wanting to send Happy birthday mails to all the members na. I always forget, so I’ll send it 2 days later *haha*

My Schedule Management Method
For schedules, it is fundamental that is all about remembrance! I entrust it to my brain. But on this method of planning, up until now I won’t forget about things even for once. Lateness I don’t do too ne. I am an always sleepy kind of person but why is it that only sleeping in late is not what I do na. I want to initiate this secret to everyone, but I don’t know how. Well, if you have the motivation, nature and eyes are the things to wake up.

This Year’s Birthday Plan
It’s a birthday, but so called special things I want to do I don’t have. If anything, I guess I want to eat my favourite motsunabe. JUMP members sending me Happy Birthday mails will make feel very happy ne. But hoping and then getting nothing at all will really make feel down, and I’ll wait for my next birthday unselfishly *haha*