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lol. i got nothing to do and i'm pretty bored so i'm going to post a post today. well actually, i rarely post here.(>.<) anyways, i got really stressed yesterday. my eyes we like red puffs because of crying. my head ached still, i did some surfing the net.(i get scolded like this but, oh well..) how was everyone doing these past few days?? i dunno..

i just finished eating my dinner. i got pretty bored this day. and today is the birthday of RINA-CHAN and our MANAGER.HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BOTH OF YOU!^_^ they're not actually twins if you think it that way, it's just a coincidence to meet two people who have the same birthdate and same age as well. it's saturday and people go to diffirent places. but i'm staying at my house to JUST rest. i'm listening to some paramore songs right now. lol. sorry guys if i get you bored too by just reading this. but it's my way to clean out all of that boredom and sadness i got these days. the weather..it's kind of..well..complicated.(sighs)

i saw our own "photoshoot" just this afternoon. it's a shocking photoshoot.xD i just realized my face changed in some ways. and the clothes... it's really that short. well, the shorts were short and i have to get comfortable just for the sake of our photoshoot.(lols.) the others we're really cool and the same time cute in their outfits. we tried "ideal girls of hsj" and "our own style of fashion". hehehe.

in another story, we're almost done of our movie project. just some more scenes to shoot and we're done. i hope ALL of our groupmates would come together..just once..to film some scenes in which EVERYONE is needed of participation. i hope the result of our movie will be a great one. well, let God handle everything for us. and for the HSJ, well...nothing.XD

wehehehe.. till here my friends.:))