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Hello everyone, and Syndrome. :)

I can see that Chime and Chivy already left the group. I don't blame them for that. Even though they left, they will still
remain as my dearest friends.

Actually, I thought of leaving this group about a month ago. This decision triggered during the last 2 weeks. AAA, Chivy, and Jhie knows about this since I talked with them on the phone. AAA-chan and I had a crying session over the phone because of this.(last two weeks. lol.)
They also heard of my "supposed to be" goodbye letter. I didn't continue with my plan since I believe that there is still hope. I believe that this group can survive until the end. Aaa-chan told me to endure because she said that there is still hope. But now, I really don't know what's going to happen.

Forming this group is really impossible, perhaps, more like a miracle. We are different from each other, and sometimes, that causes fights and misunderstandings. I know that you don't like a member in Syndrome.
The best approach that we must do is to talk to that person. We must tell her what we feel, and to do that, it takes a lot of guts. I know we are all tired of "her" but I can't think of other ways. I am still hopeful and willing to bring back everything like the way it was before.
I won't give up. I believe that Our Heavenly Father gave us this trials because He knows that we can solve it. But judging as to what is happening right now, I really can't tell.

To tell you honestly, I was kind of disturbed during the past weeks because I feel that something is going to happen, and I was right. Being with some of you, I feel like I'm not myself, and it disturbs me. I admit that it was fun being with this group, but still...

Well anyway, I am staying in Syndrome since Syndrome is not a serious group or whatever. It's a blog and a group of eleven unique girls who shares the same interests. I will treat this group as a temporary unit
(like Shuji to Akira). A group with no commitments or whatsoever.
I know everything will not be the same as before, but I will still continue to make this blog an active one. I realized that the saying, "Birds with the same feather, flock together," is really true. I don't care if I will be the only one working for this blog's existence since I don't want our efforts to be put to waste.

I'm going to wait until fourth year to decide whether to stay or leave. For now, my mind is still full of uncertainties.
I'm not a person who eats her own words...

I won't let a single person ruin everything. Guys, the enemy is working.

Dii. :)