quitting plans ? i do have one too :)

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syndrome :)
     yo ! i maybe one of the wackiest member .. but i tell you, friendship is some kind of a big deal to me . i may not show you what i really feel outside but inside, there are a lot of things that actually come on my mind :) QUiTTiNG might no be the usual me you see . i actually had this plan since the first disaster happened .. remember ? before the christmas party ..i kept it for awhile already, didn't i ? ö yes , i did. this isn't really a QUiTTiNG letter because i might still stay in the group but, this time .. i won't be devoting myself too much anymore .. you know why ? because the group that i should be into has something/someone which i didn't want .. so i might as well stick to the group which brought back the real me . i don't want the me during my sophomore years .. i don't want to become the "happy-go-lucky" person again. since i built up this kind of image already .. i might as well sustain it as what it is now. maybe if this "someone" in our group would leave .. then, that's the time i could already say that i would stay for GOOD . but for this time, i'll stay for temporary purposes because mehevyczanne2g3 is consist of almost all the same people except for two :) if i would decide to leave "SYNDROME" and become an active member of mehevyczanne2g3 then i better not leave because i would just remove two people from syndrome and change it into another two .. and if i transfer to this new formulated group/club called "O.N.O" .. there are things that i don't really like .. so my mind haven't decided yet so i would still stay until i could already find the real one :) but i tell you guys .. no matter what happens, the memories and fun we had will always stay as is and the things you taught me will always be on my brain. and you guys, will stay as my friends (since, i have no choice ..) kidding ! haha :)) no, really .. you would still be my friends .. and you could still run to me and tell me your problems .. i could still be your crying shoulder .. i know there's still hope :) remember what manager's motto is ? " STRONG people are given hard problems by God because he knows that they could solve them." i have that in me .. so i hope that you guys would realize what could be the possibilities if you would go with the people whom you really didn't know. don't be so numb just because you hated one of us then you would decide to leave. our group was actually formed because of sharing the same interests, and that's JUMP .. but i realized, that as it went longer .. it became friendship .. i guess i have nothing left to say . KiOTSUKETE KUDASAi MiNNA :) i'll miss you .. and you'll miss us too :) the moments and the laughters too . bye *

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