20 years in the earth ! congratulations earthling !

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HAPPY BiRTHDAY to the oldest member of JUMP !
20 years of being a nice person :)






eee . :D from my most latest pic of him `till his baby pic :)
       Ottanjoubi Omedettou ! I'm Guila Rose Rubis a.k.a Gui-chan/Lala-chan of Hey! Say! Syndrome . I'm 15 yrs old . May I say that, I like the way you sing, dance, act and your'e handsome face :) In short, I like you :) hehe . I would just like to greet you a HAPPY 20th BiRTHDAY ! May more blessings come to you and I hope your carrier would be more successful . Kiotsukete Kudasai Yabu-sama :) `till then .

                                                                  - LALA CHAN/GUi CHAN ♥