Duet January 2010 YY Club (Yuuto and Yuuri) Theme: JUMP's Important Event at 2009

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Yuto: Let’s announce Hey! Say! JUMP’s important events at 2009!
Yuuri: No no no…honestly, there’s no event like that. If like that, if there are simple event that happen (It would be not counted), it’s unwise, right? (note: Chinen considers all event is important)
Yuto: You’re right. …Ah, so, there are no important events for JUMP. The doctor who gives influenza immunization for me in hospital, this year, I lose him (note: maybe the doctor was die or go somewhere)…It’s really sad.
Yuuri: The grandpa doctor, right?
Yuto: Yes. The grandpa doctor is weak from old age. Because his sight becomes bad, he usually penetrates the needle’s injection in the wrong place and then gives bandages (in the wrong place). Because of that, he said, “Not here, not here (laugh)”. After that, the conclusion is he gives me the cure acupuncture.
Yuuri: It would be happy if you can experience it again, right?
Yuto: Yes. But, if I go to hospital, it has become young doctor. After the injection, they really don’t give me the cure acupuncture, they just give the bandage in the injection place, it feels a bit lonesome.
Yuuri: Honestly, that is too straightforward (laugh). By the way, speak about immunization, this year, Yuuto-kun take the influenza immunization yo ne?
Yuto: Yes. Before this, I have been took 2 times immunization.
Yuuri: To tread on and to kick the virus.
Yuto: Yes yes. Because of that we have to be careful na~. Then, those things become JUMP’s important news yo! (laugh) (note: he changes the theme…XD)
Yuuri: Yes. Since April, we have become high school student but if anyone who reach this age surely experience the same situation (note: Chinen thinks that become high school student is not important news, just normal thing…:D). Ah, I know! The height ranking inside JUMP was changed. Until last year, not only the age, but 7 was also under BEST in height ranking. But this year, Ryutaro and Yuto-kun can catch up them, it’s great. Yuto-kun, you’re the tallest now, right?
Yuto: Yes.
Yuuri: If talk about [JUMP’s small boy], until now, we always consider 7 as it, right? But, it’s wrong. Because if Yuto-kun, I, Yamachan, and Daichan was together, I will said, “The three of us are small boy if compare with Yuto-kun” ne.
Yuto: Hahahaha! Daichan was included in [Small boy] ne.
Yuuri: Instead of Ryutaro who not become [Small boy] again yo. (note: So, Daichan become the replace of Ryutaro? XD)
Yuto: From now on, there’s possibility for 7 to replace BEST members in height ranking, right?
Yuuri: It’s impossible (<-- smirk)
Yuto: But if just the height thing can become important event, there are so many other events, right? If it’s Chii, there are activity that separated with JUMP when you in NYC Boys, right?
Yuuri: Yes, there are. When I was together in JUMP, I get many influences and advices from BEST members (note: BEST was sheltered), but in NYC Boys, I and Yamachan who stand on that position (note: like BEST’s position in JUMP), so we (note: Chinen and Yamada) can learn many things. Then, because of those separated activity, my “JUMP’s love” get strong more and more again. (note: far from JUMP makes him love JUMP more)
Yuto: Now, you can speak like that but I always think, “Are Chii dan Yamachan will return (to JUMP)…”, I feel lonely (laugh) (note: oh Yuto, you’re so sweet…somehow I feel worry like you too, Yuto…L)
Yuuri: It’s alright! I will certainly return.
Yuto: Yokatta~ Are there other important news…? (Staff-san said, [How about Tokyo Dome’s concert?]) Aaaaa~~~!
Yuuri: No! That topic is NO!
Yuuto: Almost all members were cried a lot in that concert ne.
Yuuri: Don’t talk about that topic! (<--- he was cried, this topic makes him moved emotionally) I remember we not only tied stronger, but we make improvement from before!! After this, I don’t want to think about this again (note: he wants to change the topic)
Yuuto: Okay then, have you determine your target in 2010?
Yuuri: It’s so many ne. First, I want JUMP release CD. Not only single, but also an album. After that, if we can do National Tour, it would be great, right?
Yuto: I want do TV Program together with all JUMP’s members (note: even Yuto wants this, dakara Johnny-san, onegai~)
Yuuri: Ah, we become group like Arashi. Yosh, that is addition target too!!

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