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Hi, umm, just like Chivy-chan, I'm leaving Hey! Say! SYNDROME. To tell you the truth, I'm kind of disturbed of how Syndrome was formed, it was like one day there wasn't any syndrome, and the next, there was. I'm still confused of what happened but I'm very thankful because Dii-chan introduced Morimoto Ryutaro to me.

Syndrome, I'm very sorry but I have to leave, I need to find myself first because until now, I still don't know who I really am. Thank you so much for the memories that we have shared. I'm very thankful because GOD gave me friends like you, although there are times that we fight, we still maintained our friendship and I'm really happy. I have to leave Syndrome because my heart actually belongs to MeHeVyCzaNne2 G3. a group which was formed on our freshmen year, a group which stayed longer than SYNDROME, a group in which I almost found myself, but then lost it and a group in which I will always be loyal to, but no matter what happens, even if I leave syndrome, you girls will still remain as my friends because groups doesn't matter, what matters is that you have friends who will be there for you, so, I'm resigning from syndrome( unsa daw!?) but I will just drop by the blog from time to time to chat with you girls. I hope all of you will understand and I hope that all of you won't oppose to my decision. Sayoonara minna, Take care and I love you all!

To Morimoto-kun

Hi there, if you can read this, I'm Merry Chimera C. Oraiz a.k.a. Chimechan, 14 years of age and I live here in the Philippines, first of all, i would like to tell you that I'm not actually your fan, I don't know what I am but I don't consider myself as your fan. I have to admit that you are handsome and talented and that no girl can resist you but so what? No offense, but I don't even know if you're nice or generous or anything that I expect in a guy. I also have to admit that I always make fun of you, I sometimes call you okama or baka. I also made fun of your hair but I admire the way on how you dress yourself. I want to thank you because I've known you for about 8 months and I also thank you because you made me forget about my first love. You know, at first, I thought that you were just like him, the two of you have the same initials R.M. and have the same birth month.There are also times when he laughs, he looks exactly like you but now, I realized that the two of you are different. He is nothing like you because God created all men different. I also have to admit that my friends would say that we're destined, but I don't believe that. I also have to admit that I sometimes scream whenever I would see a handsome picture of you but when I'm at home and stare at a picture of you, I would just smile and say nothing. You know, I had two promises to myself: one was if I turned 16, I will forget you and the other one, is when I will be able to see you face to face, I will forget you, but since promises are meant to be broken, I will break my two promises now and forget you. Thank you again because I met you, but now, I have to forget you. I have to stop dreaming and face reality since I will never ever reach you. I don't easily give up but when it comes to you, I feel like I want to give up. Sayoonara Morimoto-kun, it was nice meeting you, I hope I can still remember you when the time comes...