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I had an awful dream last night..

I was standing under a Sakura Tree that was on a hill top. The place was surrounded by flowers and it has a nice view of the sky. I saw 2 people standing on the other sakura tree(because there were two sakura trees on that hill). Both of them were boys and one of them was actually Morimoto Ryutaro. He and his companion were talking but I couldn't understand what they were saying because they were speaking japanese. I looked more closely when suddenly, Morimoto went near the guy and kissed him on the LIPS! I was very shocked that time, I really wanted to scream but my voice wouldn't come out. After they've kissed, I decided to look at the other guy's face, I finally recognized him and I was really really shocked because the guy was actually Nakajima Yuto! AARRGHH! I couldn't believe it! and the worst part was, both of them enjoyed what Morimoto did! WAAHH!!! but the nice part is, it was only a dream, but if it happened in real life, I will really go to japan and punch Morimoto on the face! What a Nightmare! It's not like I could forget it by just a snap! AARRGGHHH!!!


  1. it's okay chime-chan.:)
    i also had a dream. dunno if it's a nightmare or a good dream.:))