myojo and popolo 0912 mini picspam

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I find this funny that is why I posted it here for everyone to see.

credits to: for the pictures.!

Looks familiar to you?

okajima again. XD w/ inoo.

This is like Ouran.

OH. no comment. XD

Chinen, Yabu, Morimoto?, Takaki?, Keito, Yamada?, Inoo?, Yuto?,Hikaru? (I'm not sure) I think Daiki was cut. (@the left side of Chii.

Ahaha. Endorsing a skin product?

No commment.



mama and papa w/ their son. lol.

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  1. huwaa.what was that?! is kou-chan insane?!
    ahahahahah.dai-chan too xD