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HSJ Calendar 2009~2010 Profile: Ryutaro Morimoto
Aug. 11th, 2009 at 9:47 AM

森本龍太郎 Ryutaro Morimoto
Born on 95.4.6 in Kanagawa
Bloodtype: A
Height: 168 cm

Hobby: DVD appreciation
Special Skills: Can sleep right away
Favourite food: Udon
Disliked food: All the vegetables except lettuce and cucumber
Type of girl: A diligently kind girl

2009.4~2010.3 Objective
Some time ago, my younger brother Shintaro said “I want to go bowling!”, so I want to do the leading na. But I actually am really bad at bowling. So far, my highest score was 26. Even if I throw it and throw it, it goes to the garters, and in the end the last always passes… In this one year, I’ll do my best without giving up, because I want to aim the score of 60 na.

My Schedule Management Method
I don’t put down a memo of my hanging out with friends plans in a notebook or my cellphone so there are sometimes I neglect a promise. Even if there was communication, I don’t notice it since I neglected it in the house. On the next day, at school I get scolded “Why didn’t you not come!”, and I immediately do an impersonation of a star while apologizing. Then they forgive me laughing *haha*

This Year’s Birthday Plan
My mom is a bad at cooking, so we always go buy a birthday cake from the store. But in 2009, homemade cake is okay! I wonder if I should request to make a special one. However, just in case of a failure, I’ll have the cake bought at the store with a celebration plate made of chocolate. Then even if there are two cakes, it’ll be very splendid!