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HSJ Calendar 2009~2010 Profile: Keito Okamoto

岡本圭人Keito Okamoto
Born 1993.4.1 in Tokyo
Bloodtype O
Height: 172 cm 

Hobbies: Music appreciation, making accessories
Special Skills: English, billiards
Favourite food: Roasted cutlet
Disliked food: Celery
Type of girl: A carefree long haired girl

2009.4~2010.3 Objective
I want to have a journey with everyone in JUMP. The destination would be Okinawa na~I feel so carefree when I see the beach that’s why. If this were to truly happen, I’ll be booking a plane ticket and hotel reservation yo. However, with the exception of that we will have free time! I am no-plan kind of man so trivial plans I can’t really decide on ne. So everyone, please let’s act leisurely everyday.

My Schedule Management Method
It's standard that my schedule relies on my memory. So therefore if I have a day of too much commotion, the next day I will forget about my homework. In order to prevent that, I start doing my homework on that day, so for certainly it will be finished. Then I’ll have that day’s homework so when that day comes to turn it in, there won’t be a moment I’ll say “I forgot my homework~ “ ne.

This Year’s Birthday Plan
Every year on my birthday, there are many moments I spend it with myself. Last year too, I didn’t have any plans so I just went shopping *bitter smile*. For sure this year too, if I don’t have work (on the birthday) I’ll spend it leisurely at my house. But if it can be done, I wish that the members and my friends send me happy birthday mails. Me too, when it’s a birthday of a member, I won’t forget to greet them.