a very long survey.

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Phrase you would want to confess to a boy: I'm not ready for confessions yet. XD

What do you wear to sleep?: loose clothing, pajamas.

Your pose when sleeping?: side view.

How long do you bath?: It depends.

Where do you wash first?: My hair.

What is your best mimic impression?: I don't know.

Favorite place to shop: SM.

What do you often buy at a convenience store? : Ice cream, Chips, juices.

Most expensive thing you ever bought: iPOD.

What you can apologize now.: Nothing.

Favorite fashion item.: headbands.

Hair cut you want to try: I would like to try a long hair.

What are you into?: My studies.

Favorite phrase: "Do your best and God will do the rest."

Favorite song: Taylor Swift songs. HSJ. :D

Favorite movie: Harry Potter, Twilight.

Favorite book: HP, Twilight, Phantom of the Opera, Almost all of Roald Dahl's Books and Paolo Coehlo Books, and MANY MORE.

Favorite manga: Alice Academy, Special A.

Favorite ramen: Chicken Ramen.

Favorite TV show: I dont watch TV always but I like "Matang Lawin".

Favorite food: Chicken, Potato, Corn, Beef, and Shrimps.

Least favorite food : Anything w/ blood in it.

Favorite emoticon: :)

What are you afraid of most?: Failure.

What did you cry about recently?: I cried when Mi-chan prayed w/ all her emotions. It's pushy ne. It makes you cry too.

What were you happy about recently?: We won the Champion's Cup during our Intramurals! YATTA~!

What were you angered about recently?: Nothing really.

What did you dream about recently?: I really dont remember.

When did you recently JUMP?: I jumped from a high wall in school. :p

When did you recently CAMP? : Long time ago.

When did you recently SHAMPOO? : This morning.

Favorite type of boy? : A guy that will always make me smile and will care for me. :) I don't like playboys.

Favorite fashion for boys: A cool style I guess...

Ideal kiss situation : I haven't kissed before and I'm not ready but if I will kiss, I will do it on my wedding day.

How would you want a boy to confess? : In a surprising way? I'm not sure though...

How would you want your boy to call you?: I DONT KNOW. ??

How many times have you experienced confession?: 0.

What would you not want a boy to do? : SMOKING AND VIOLATING LAWS.

What would you give a boy (presents)?: I still don't know.

What phase would make you happy if a boy says this to you: UWAA. I'm not immune to love. XD

What would shock you? : Shock? like, Electric Shock?

Your boyfriend is late. How long would you wait?: It depends upon my mood.

When is your first love?: None.

Your proposal words? : The guy MUST propose. Not me.

When would you marry? : 25 up.

How many kids do you want? : 2 or 3

Anything you want to say to your feature husband?: Don't ever fool me.

What would you name your kids?: Dunno.

What does your family call you by? : DIANNE.

Your memorable family vacation: When we went to Chemas and Bukidnon.

Your favorite home cooked meal: Anything that my mom cooks.

What do you call your mom by?: Mama.

What was your breakfast today?: Beef Stew.

Your first ever memory that you remember.: I was playing w/ my friends.

What did you want to be when you were little?: A teacher.

A serious injury you ever experienced: I wounded my right foot. It left a scar.

Lessons you took when you were little: I has school, piano and voice lessons. But then I stopped. I also had swimming.

Favorite place at school: At the window of our classroom and the library.

Favorite school lunch: Rice will do.

Least favorite school lunch: None actually.

Favorite curriculum: Science, Math, History.

Least favorite curriculum: PE. Yet fortunately, I dont have to take PE classes because I passed the choir.

Favorite field day activity: Volleyball, Tennis.

Least favorite field day activity: Running (Track and Field)

Committees involved in: Science Club.

How do you spend your break time?: Reviewing or Reminiscing.

The longest phone conversation: 3 hours. :p

How many numbers are in your cell phone?: Don't know. I rarely use my cellphone.

Where do you want to go?: America, Greece, Japan, Hawaii.

Most respected person: My parents.

Who do want to meet the most?: S-E-C-R-E-T.

Most desired thing right now.: Many.

Most respected senior: ?

If you were to become the prime minister of Japan: HEAL THE WORLD. HAHA. XD

What would you do if you to become a boy? : Discover what kind of species they are.

You won 3 billion yen from a lottery, what would you do? : Give 1/3 to my family and myself, SAVE THE REST.

What would you want to be if you were reborn?: A HUMAN.

Your house is on fire. What do you grab out? : My laptop, Ipod, Books.

The last day of Earth. What would you do?: Pray to God and ask sorry for all my sins.

Who do you want from HSJ to be your boyfriend?: SECRET. :P

Who do you want from HSJ to be your older brother? : Daiki, Yabu, or Inoo.

Who do you want from HSJ to be your little brother?: Chinen or Ryutaro.

What do you want to say to yourself in 10 years?: Continue doing your best!

Are you a person who is sensitive (can’t stand) to heat or to cold?: I like cold more.

Are you an impatient or patient person?: Somwhere in the middle.

Are you an romantic or a realistic person? : a bit of both?

Your hobby right now: Editing movies.

First thing you do when you wake up is? : Stretch my arms.

How long does it take you to get out of the house from waking up in the morning?: 5 mins?

Is your breakfast rice type or bread type? : Rice.

Do you check the forecast before you leave? : No.

What do you do in your room? : Studying, Tinkering my laptop, sleeping, Watching TV, Talking on the phone.
Are you a bathtub type or shower type? : Shower.

What do you always do before you go to bed? : Brush my teeth.

Do you use bed or futon? : Bed. Futons are not popular in our country.

What color is your futon sheets? : My BED sheets are white right now. But I'll change it to pink afterwards.
How well do you sleep? Good or bad? : It depends.

Is your mood good or bad, when you wake up? : It depends.

How long is your average sleep? : 6-8 hours.

Are you type of person who shows their feeling by face? : SOMETIMES?

How do you get rid of stress? : Writing.

Is your room clean? : Most of the time.

What is your favorite part about your room?: My study table.

If you were to describe yourself in color? : White.?

Do you have any wording habit? : yeap.

When is a moment when you think "I'm cool"? : When I do something great.

When is a moment when you think “I’m not cool.. !?”? : When I end up looking like a comedian infront of others. (lol)

Favorite ingredients in your sandwich is..? : Burger patties w. lettuce. and cheese. (Now, it's not a sandwich anymore. hahaha.)