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Sorry for the misunderstanding minna, after calming my mind I finally thought about it and decided that...
I will return to Hey Say SYNDROME. I can’t believe that I was that low to quit Syndrome, I can’t believe that I let one person ruin this group. I was an idiot for not realizing that earlier but now, I’ve decided to come back to Syndrome.

I’m sorry for the misunderstanding minna; I guess I need some time to think. You know, at first, I just pretended to be a part of Syndrome. I just played along because I’m already a MHVCN2G3 member, but I guess because of our friendship, Syndrome kind of grew on me. I want Syndrome to be like MHVCN2G3, I want it to be a part of my life. I want syndrome to stay longer and stronger just like MHVCN2G3 and for that, I am retiring from my retirement, which means, I’m a syndrome again. I won’t allow that girl to ruin this friendship.

To Dii-chan: I was very much inspired of what you have posted, I now realize that I was so stupid and so low. It was so low for me to quit syndrome and I can’t believe that I gave up. I’m sorry for being a quitter, but now, I am going to face the challenge just like you. I will not allow the bad spirit to take over this friendship. I will stay by your side and be a syndrome until my last breath (Over!) but I am serious. Thank you Dii-chan for being such a strong person and for your endurance (tama ba? XD)

To the members who also quit: I’ve finally decided that I’m coming back. I should never think that “The end is near” because now I know that GOD is testing us whether we will be a strong person or not. I just want to tell you guys that it was so low for me to quit because of one girl. One girl who doesn’t know what she’s doing and I’m sorry for what happened. Guys, it’s your decision and not mine, but I just want to tell you that we shouldn’t let one girl get in the way.

To Morimoto-kun: I still meant what I said. I may be able to forget you, but I won’t be able to forget syndrome

To Adkurt Sab: I’m still looking forward to OHNO club and I still want to form it

To myself: I was being stupid, and I guess I just have to find a way to find the real me and not quit this group

To the girl: I thought that you already changed, but I guess I thought wrong. I can’t change your attitude because I have no right but I can change my attitude and become a better and stronger person. Much better and stronger  not like you who still haven’t change after we confronted you. If you don’t want people to stay mad at you, I suggest that you stop acting like the person who you aren’t and start acting like yourself. Stop trying to fit in, stop being such a joiner and stop being a feeler because that is what I hate about you the most. I’m sorry for offending you, but that is how I feel and I just can’t hide it anymore, so I hope you will change.
Minna, I’m very sorry again, GOMENASAI!