Hey! Say! MAP -Popolo 10/09

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Credits to: http://community.livejournal.com/itsu_made_mo/

Yuto Nakajima x Keito Okamoto: Hey! Say! MAP
Nakajima: By the way, I don’t think I’ve cried recently.
Okamoto: I’ve cried with my friends. We were playing “who can cry the fastest.” I kept my eyes open for 2 minutes and then the tears fell (laughs). Also, I’ve cried…
Nakajima: You cry a lot, don’t you Okamoto.
Okamoto: When I was trying to open a bag of potato chips, the bottom opened and all the chips fell out!
Nakajima: That’s cry-worthy-. Oh, I’ve remembered! I recently saw a movie and cried. I never thought it would be a cry-able movie, but while the movie was going on about the main character’s life, I cried.
Okamoto: A lot of movies make people cry. I’ve seen a movie once where it was about these people who died within 24 hours of getting this death certificate.
Nakajima: Oh, I cried just by reading that manga!
Okamoto: We might actually just be very emotional (laughs).
Nakajima: But Okamoto cries the fastest! Even while you were a Jr. you were always crying. When Ryutaro and you were playing a sword fight, and Ryutaro accidentally stabbed you…
Okamoto: Of course you would cry because it hurts, won’t you!?
Nakajima: Well, it’s fine to cry but the way you cried was like a little boy. “Eh...eh…” (laughs). That’s sobbing. That sight of you was really cute ().
Okamoto: Because I got scolded by Ryutaro and the adults there.
Nakajima: You crying because you got scolded is also really cute~. I can’t believe you lived in England by yourself, you have that really childish side to you-.
Okamoto: I’m pretty delicate 
Nakajima: Okamoto is delicate(laughs). Yuto make a pun: the “cate” in delicate sounds like Keito in Japanese. Well, I would be depressed if I messed up on a job. On “Music Station” I made a mistake in the dance and I got scolded by the staff and almost cried. But on the way home, a Kismai member said, “It’s fine. Work hard!” and because I felt so thankful, I sobbed…
Okamoto: I understand, I understand. When people are nice to you, you feel like crying.
Nakajima: Yeah. Also I’ve been thinking about this a while, but when I cried for the first time in a long time, I felt really refreshed afterwards. So that’s why I think when you want to cry, you shouldn’t hold back and release your stress!
Okamoto: Emotional-us is awesome! “Us being emotional is awesome!” is the more grammatically correct way to say it, but Keito doesn’t mean that they’re awesome when they’re being emotional; just that they easily cry is awesome.

Nakajima: What do you think about girl’s tears, Okamoto?
Okamoto: Erm-, I’ve never seen that.
Nakajima: I’m surrounded by girls who cry a lot in class.
Okamoto: Really~, what do you do then?
Nakajima: I don’t know what to do, but I hate how the atmosphere becomes really awkward so I make funny faces and make people laugh!
Okamoto: You’re so nice-. When I see a girl crying, it makes me want to cry too.
Nakajima: So you cry in sympathy?
Okamoto: Yeah. And then I think, “If I were the boyfriend, she wouldn’t be crying.” Even if we did fight, which would be one in a million and I made her cry, I would apologize right away. Even if the fight wasn’t my fault (laughs).
Nakajima: If I make a girl cry… I’ll cuddle her (). Well I won’t know until that happens. But anyways, this is so embarrassing-! (laughs).
Okamoto: A man is weak to a woman’s tears…
Nakajima: Oh, but if that same girl fake-cried, I would think that’s unfair!
Okamoto: Can you tell apart fake-tears and real tears?
Nakajima: Real tears has emotions in them. If somebody cried and I think, “Eh, would you really cry right now?” then wouldn’t you know that it’s fake? But, I’m not confidant in that…
Okamoto: Even if I saw fake tears, I think I would cry out of sympathy.
Nakajima: Then if you don’t know whether it’s fake tears or real tears, you should call Keito!
Okamoto: The birth of the fake-tears checker: Okamoto Keito!
From Nakajima to old-Okamoto:
The face changed a lot, but the long hair feels the same as now. I’m jealous of Keito because both long and short hair suits him! I don’t really suit short hait… Lately, Keito’s been acting really adult-like, and I feel a little bit distant from him (cries).
From Okamoto to old-Nakajima:
You’re so wild (laughs). Yuto was the first sempai who spoke to me when I became a Jr. Yuto was also the first one who taught me dance moves. He always talks with a smile on his face so I’ve been able to address him as “Yuto” from the start.