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On January 1, 2010, media announced that it is extremely likely the group will not be a temporary one anymore and that Yamada and Chinen will be working as members of both Hey!Say!JUMP and NYC boys in the future. Working in two different groups is very rare and there is only one other person who fits this example, Ryo Nishikido of NEWS and Kanjani8.

It is rumoured that Johnny Kitagawa has in fact been considering NYC boys, right now only a temporary unit, to become a permanent unit in the new year.
It is still not yet confirmed but there is a big chance that this will be happening as the article quotes a JE representative saying: "Although Yuma is already with the group "Nakayama Yuma w/ BI Shadow" and Yamada and Chinen are already with HSJ, they can also be part of NYC boys, like Nishikido Ryo, who is part of Kanjani 8 and NewS." as well as "Arashi was supposed to be a temporary group for the volleyball support, but it ended up becoming a permanent group."
The article also states that apparently Yamada's hands were shaking because he was so nervous during Kouhaku Uta Gassen on NYE (maybe he was still nervous during JE Countdown so that's why he was all tense during HSJ's perf?)

This is great news for the people who love NYC boys...but as for HSJ...who knows what's going to happen in 2010 D:

(I'm not at all good at translating so if there's some more details people find in the article, please feel free to tell me and i'll add it in the post!)

Edit: Thanks Sara/sa718ra for extra details!