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-Ms.No Alien-

Friendship is the bitter yet sweetest flavor of LIFE.

A-chan loves Cinderella who has a prince charming which will give her the right glass shoe that will make her heart beat fast as if she will have a heart attack.
She has the sweetest voice which will make you feel pity if you hurt her.
She loves Nature,  in fact I myself had witnessed how she really love Mother Earth.
She once had done the wrong thing but she was sorry about it. I laugh at her ridiculous mistakes but deep inside I appreciated her real feeling about it.
Describe her as Sakura Haruno who is care free and sometimes a tempered woman. But that's their difference.
She is human makes mistakes. Like falling in love for the wrong guy in a contrasting time.I hated it but accepted the fact that she just followed her heart. She fall but we catched her back. And once again she has able to stand up by herself. And now I could see that beyond those emotional and immaturity of the past, She had changed into a woman who had found herself and she fall in love again. But this time I dont hate her for it, cause it's Daiki-chan and I know he will be perfect for her.
Her life is simple. Describe it, it's perfect. But every life story has conflicts. Her life is simple as the tree grows, yet its complex as the tree starts its adventurous life. Those smile of her Kawaii face, those giggles of her Kawaii stomach, those tears of her Kawaii eyes makes me conclude that its complex to be Aaa-chan.

As what she says: I am just me. just trying to live my life the way it is. i'm not stubborn to anyone. but just the fact that i hate people who never really appreciate someone. maybe you think of me as a crazy person but you never really know what i went through. it's really a life-changing experience for me. i must say i'm not a perfect person but in my own, i can be through God's eyes. 

Aaa-chan you are the Kawaii, adorable, charming companion of our lives.
Continue to Live Laugh Love...

Love Nature and Always be Yourself

 おめでとう! Aaa-chan

For You: I don't give up, I don't turn around, it's my style
Who else would not be defeated, only one treasured thing
Because I want to love and protect the important thing
Tomorrow you'll be fine

 The Sweetest Alien a Friend could have...


The bitter times we had is the sweetest moments we had.


by: Chivy-chan