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I got this from a site in which you will be able to know who is your Hey! Say!7 partner and of cource I have to change the name for our name (too much addicted to Hey! Say! JUMP especially Yama-chan). Sorry for the Hey! Say! BEST. I haven't found for them.

Morimoto Ryutaro

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Name: Chime-chan
Boyfriend: Ryutaro Morimoto
Best Friends: Chii, Keito, Daiki
Enemies: Shintaro

How You Met Ryutaro:

You stepped from class with your books hugged to your chest. Today you had to go to your little sister’s class, to pick up her homework since she was sick. You turned the corner only to have a bucket water spill onto. You dropped your books and slipped on the now wet floor. You wiped your hair out of your eyes and looked up to see a boy. You attempted to get up, but slipped again. “Ugh…” You groaned rubbing your bruised head. Then you noticed the boy had stopped laughing and now was down to your level. “Are you okay?” he asked, sounding very concerned for you. You nodded your head and gave a small laugh, “A harmless joke has never hurt anyone. Well unless you count my neighbor, but that’s beside the point,” you say, standing up with the help of the boy. “Hahaha, nice,”he laughed. You nodded and laughed with him, “I’m Chime-chan, you?” “I’m Morimoto Ryutaro.” “You don’t look like you’re in 5th grade.” “No, I was here to pick up my little brother, Shintaro, who that water was for.” He smiled at you, “So, do you like the prank?” Ryutaro asked. You nodded your head. “Wanna help me set up another

How Ryutaro Asked You Out:

You were sitting in his living room, while waiting for his mom to get him rom upstairs. You knew very well, it wasn’t going to last long with both Morimoto brothers home. You heard screaming and saw Ryutaro, followed by Shintaro. They stopped and Ryutaro hid behind you with Shintaro in front of you. For the first time you had saw Shintaro and what had happened to him. He was dripping wet and had shampoo running down him, colored bright blue, like the color his hair now was. (He had a towel covering his bottom half.) You were trying so hard to resist the urge to laugh, but it was getting way to hard to keep it in. Soon you just couldnt take it and fell to the ground laughing. Ryutaro was smirking in satisfaction. Then Shintaro decided he should wash out the blue as soon as possible, and get back later, and went back upstairs. That left Ryutaro and you alone. He stepped in front of you and helped you up. “What did you think?” He asked. You smiled, “I thought it was brilliant!” He smiled back at you, “Hey, um Sachiko…I was wondering…Do you have a date for the all school dance this Friday?” he asked. It sort of surprised you because of the random timing, but you smiled and said, “No I don’t.” He blushed and leaned down to your eye level, “Will you go with me?” He asked. You beamed largely and said, “Of Course!” overjoyed that he was finally making a move. He smiled and swooped up and twirled you in the air, then set you down to kiss you on the cheek, “Great!” You couldn’t wait for Friday.

What They Think Of You:
Ryo: She is very smart and funny. Not a usual combination. She seems nice and good for Ryutaro.

Ryutaro: Well, after the dance, I asked her out and she said yes. I’m so in love with her!

Chii: She is smart and funny. I like to hang out with her because she knows how to have fun.

Yuto: She is awesome and I love her like a sister.

Keito: I can’t believe she laughed at me when they pranked me, but she seems nice over all.

Yabu: She is very nice, but I don’t get to talk to her a lot, Ryutaro hogs her.

Daiki: She has pranked me a lot, but I still have a soft spot for her, we’re good friends.

Hikaru: I’m glad for her and Ryutaro! They’re so cute together, but I don’t get the feeling they actually do much couple stuff, they’re both kinda immature.

Kei: She is nice to me, but has pranked me, but I still like her.

Yuya: She is very nice and I do hang around with her sometimes, but she pranks me.

Nakajima Yuto

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Name: Di-chan
Boyfriend: Yuto Nakajima
Best Friends: Ryo, Chii, Hikaru, Yuya
Enemies: Fans

How You Met Yuto:

You were walking down the hall to class, late, as usual. You sometimes just couldn’t wake up as early as you would like. You sighed to yourself and turned the corner only to fall down some stairs because you weren’t paying attention. You threw your books down and shielded your face, closing your eyes. You never hit the ground though, instead you felt arms around you. You opened your eyes and blinked a few times. You saw two boys in front of you, and felt another holding you. You blinked a few times, confused and then scrambled to get down out of your savior’s arms. You took a long hard look at them. You could have sworn you recognized them from somewhere….maybe TV? You bowed and said, “Thanks for catching me. I’m Di-chan.” You started for the ground to pick up your books. They leaned down to help you to. “I’m Yamada Ryosuke,” Said the one on the right. “My name’s Chinen Yuuri,” said the one on the left. “And I’m Nakajima Yuto,” said the one who had caught you. You smiled at them as you four got your books off the floor and then all stood to your original heights. “Well, seeing I’m never going to make it to science, I guess Ill hang out with you guys?” You said looking at them. “Of course you can!” Yuto exclaimed, putting his arm around your shoulder as you blushed a bright red.

How Yuto Asked you Out:

After that day, the four of you had became real close, especially you and Yuto, to a point where people actually asked if you were going out with him. It sometimes got annoying, but it sometimes got you thinking if you would date him. That’s what got you in trouble. You were in the park near school, sitting on a bench with your face in your sketchbook, doodling. Before you noticed, you had written your name and Yuto’s name in a heart. You blushed and flipped it close when you heard someone walking towards you. “Thought I would find you here,” Yuto said approaching the bench. You smiled and scooted over to let him sit. He looked at you and said, “Guess what I just heard?” You shrugged and asked, “What did you hear?” He smiled and began, “Well, I was walking to find you and Yuya stopped me. Of course I was thinking what did he want? Well he says that he heard I was dating you and I was like no. Isn’t that funny?” he gave a chuckle. Your eyes dropped to the ground and you muttered, “Hilarious,” then forced a smile and a soft laugh. He looked into your eyes and tilted your face up and noticed the tears the brimmed in your eyes, “I-I-I didn’t mean to make you cry!” He said softly. You had never seen him act this way before. You let a tear trail down your face and he lifted up and wiped it away. “It’s no problem. Just rumors,” You said with a broken smile. He stared at you hard, as if studying a picture, “I know your lying to me. What’s bothering you, the rumor… or me laughing?” He asked quietly. You didn’t answer. “You don’t like me do you?” You look away and rub your eyes to keep the tears out of your eyes, “What would give you that idea?” He smirked and said, “Well, your sketchbook doesn’t lie.” You gasped as you looked at the notebook in his hands. You grabbed the notebook from him and blushed a bright red, “Well, so what. You don’t care do you?” You say looking at your lap. His eyes widened, “Whoa! What makes you say that? Who said I didn’t like you back? Because they are liars!” He said with a smile. You grinned and slung your arms around his shoulders and held on tight. When you released him, “Let’s but some truth to those rumors then,” he said and his lips quickly crashed into yours. And you kissed back.

What They Think Of You:

Ryo: She’s awesome, a great friend, and a great match for Yuto.

Ryutaro: I don’t know her too well, but she seems nice.

Chii: She’s only ever been nice to me. She supplies me with lot’s of princess hugs.

Yuto: I really love her. She is ust amazing and… she’s perfect!

Keito: She is nice, and helped me out with my kanji a couple of times.

Yabu: I’ve heard stuff about her, but it’s all good things.

Daiki: I don’t really know her… come to think of it I’ve never even talked to her… But she seems to know
my name, so Yuto must mention me to her.

Hikaru: Yuto and her are so cute together!

Kei: I kind of imagined Yuto with someone a little more loud… but she’s cool.

Yuya: We hang out all the time, because we both love this one ice cream store. She try all the weird combinations together and have races eating them!

Yamada Ryosuke

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Name: Jie-chan
Boyfriend: Ryosuke Yamada
Best Friends: Yuto, Ryutaro, Yabu
Enemies: All Ryo fans

How You Met Ryo:

You were walking around at the train station, looking slightly lost. You couldn’t really help it; you weren’t moved into Tokyo yet and were trying to get to your new school’s orientation. And you had no idea which trains to take. You let your bag drop as you set on a bench; just watching other people get on and off. You sighed. “Hey. You look a little lost. Maybe we could help you,” A voice called out to you. You lifted your head up to see three people, three boys. The boy who had got your attention was a dark headed boy. He was slightly taller than you, he had glasses shielding his eyes. He also had a hat on, and looked like he was trying to hide who he was. One of other boys seemed about the same age as the other one. He had soft black hair too, that had a shaggy style to it. His chocolate eyes had a shining mischievous look in them. He was a lot taller then you, almost as tall as the third boy. The third boy looked older, and was also hiding in a big hat. “Um, sure,” You say standing up. “I’m Yamada Ryosuke. That’s Nakajima Yuto-kun and Yabu Kota-kun,” Ryo said while gesturing to the other two. “But…don’t tell anyone, you may cause a stampede. We have some crazy fans.” “I’m Jie-chan. I’m new here,” You say while giving them a warm smile. They returned it. “Where are you headed?” “Nishimachi orientation ceremony.” “Really? Yuto-kun and Yama-chan are going there too! You can come with us. The train will be here…oh…now! You better hurry up and get on!” Kota said, pushing the three of you toward the train. You entered onto the train and the two boys had pulled you into a compartment, where another one was located. This boy had his eyes glued on a manga that he held in front of his face. Ryo cleared his throat in order to grab the boy’s attention. His head shot up to look at you. “Oh sorry. Hi Yama-chan, Yuto-kun. Who’s your friend?” the boy asked. “Her name is Jie-chan, Ryutaro-kun,” Yuto said, introducing you. “Hi, nice to meet you, I’m Morimoto Ryutaro” he said. You sat in between Ryo and Yuto, and you all talked about each other’s lives and had tons of fun on your way to Nishimachi (Ryutaro was on his way to the middle school division). While on your way there, you had developed a crush on Ryo.

How Ryo Asked You Out:

You were sitting in the lounge at Nishimachi, and studying for your history test, and also writing an essay about the history of goldfish your evil history teacher, Fujimoto Shinichi, had given you. “Damn Fujimoto-sensei,” you muttered under your breath. “Detention Jie-san,” You heard a voice from behind you. You turned to see Fujimoto walking away. You threw your pen on the table and leaned back in the chair. “This is so not fair,” You said out loud to yourself. “Tell me about it,” You heard another voice say above you to you. You opened your eyes to see Ryo looking down at you. You smiled up at him and asked, “What happened?” He shrugged and came around to sit on the arm of the chair your in, “Well, you know, Fujimoto-sensei. I was late to class because of fans and he gave me detention,” He said. You giggled slightly and said, “Well, we can face it together.” He nodded and gave a small smile. In detention, of course, you weren’t allowed to talk, but you enjoyed yourself staring at the back of Ryo’s head. (He was sitting in front of you. Afterwards, he ran to catch up with you as you made your way out of the schoolyard. “Hey,” he said, out of breath. You blushed slightly and looked back up at him, to hear him ask “Um, do you want to, I don’t know, go for a walk with me?” You turned red and said, “Of course.” You went to the lake nearby, and both of you sit down on the grass and look into the water. (By then it was getting late, Fujimoto-Sensei was evil, and the sun was going bye-bye) Your eyes lit up as the light from the sunset reflected on your eyes. As you looked out onto the lake, Ryo was looking at you. “It’s beautiful,” You murmured. He smiled and said, “Yeah… You are.” He blushed instantly and looked away. You looked over at him and giggled at his mistake. He just laughed and tried shake it off. After a while, you could feel yourself getting tired and you leaned your head on Ryo’s shoulder. He laid his head on your head and you both smiled to yourselves. A few minutes later you heard Ryo say your name. “Hmmm?” you answer him. “I-I like you a lot and I have for a while. I sort of wanted to know… If you’ll be my girlfriend?” He asked hopefully. You looked up at him, your eyes lit up and a smile made its way onto your face as you said, “Of course! I will!” He beamed and leaned down to you and caught you in a sweet kiss.

What They Think Of You:

Ryo: I love her! She’s perfect for me. I’m so glad I’ve met her. She is one of the best things that happened to me.

Ryutaro: I think she is good for Yama-chan. She makes him so happy. She cool to hang out with and is very nice.

Chii: She is very smart and I love to hang out with her…and sit on her lap. She also has a funny side to her.

Yuto: She is cool. She is hilarious when you get to know her. She has given me some very good pranks.

Keito: I don’t know her well enough to say anything, but I have talked to her once or twice. She’s very nice.

Yabu: She rocks!

Daiki: She is a very sweet and smart girl. I sort of have a crush on her, but she’s a little young for me. Don’t tell Yama-chan.

Hikaru: She is awesome. One of my best friends!!!

Kei: Isn’t she dating Yama-chan? She must be a very nice person then. So I guess she is cool.

Yuya: She seems nice…

Chinen Yuuri

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Name: Chivy-chan
Best Friends: Keito, Kei, Ryutaro Enemies: Ohno (your rival) and fans
How You Met Chii…(or more like how you became close):
Well, ou just happened to being picked on by Yoshikuni Tomohisa, the school bully. The reason being: he just didn’t like you and also you were the only one still around that he could see. You may have been a year older, but you were way short for your age and didn’t really like to fight. Finally, Tomohisa pushed you into a wall with his hand around your neck. You coughed slightly as he smirked at you. If you were to fight back, the first thing you would do is smack that stupid smirk off his face. “Let her go!”  a voice came from behind Tomohisa. You caught sight of your long time crush, Chinen Yuuri. You knew him because you played were on the gymnastics team with him. Tomohisa released you, which resulted in you falling to the ground. You rubbed your neck as you watched the two argue. “What’s it to you Chinen?” Tomohisa snarled at him. “Well the fact Chivy-chan is in on my team and I happen to be her best friend,” Chii said with a smirk of his own. You looked surprised, you were Chii’s friend, not his best friend. And had he just called you by your first name?!? “Whatever. I’ve had enough of you,” Tomohisa said pulling his arm back to strike…right at the moment Michishige Ryou, the principal, turned the corner. “Tomohisa-kun, please come with me,” Michishige-sensei said to him after surveying the scene. Tomohisa followed with an angry look on his face. You watched them walk away as Chii came to help you. “Are you okay?” He asked, helping up. You gave a small smile and said, “Yeah. Thanks again Chinen. Did you mean what you said?” You asked curiously. He laughed and put his hand on your shoulder, “Yeah. We can be best friends,” he said, giving you a smile. You gave him a hug in return.
How Chii Asked You Out:
After the Tomohisa incident, you and Chii had become very close and you guys were always together. Well one day you were walking from your class to the library. You had a few books you wanted to finish and the library was going to be empty thanks to a party outside. You sat down in a seat, settled comfortably, picked up a book and began to read. Just as you got to the romance scene of the story, Chii entered with a grin on his face. He looked around then walked to you. You put down the book and sat up to talk to him. “Hey Yuuri,” (You called him by his first name now too) You said with a smile. “Hey baby, what’s up?” He said slurring the words. You frowned and asked, “Is something wrong?” He laughed and said, “No, what would make you think that?” then stumbled slightly. You caught him quickly. “Well, you have slurred speech, you’re stumbling, and your breath smells like Ohno gave you alcohol again,” You said, pushing him to his original height. “Nooooo, I just want to show you something,” He says pulling up the steps and into one of the boy dorms. (there was a dorm option there, you lived in the girl dorm, but Chii still lived with his parents.) You, being the little innocent girl you were just followed. He pulled you into one of the bedrooms. You sat on his bed as he went to his dresser. He pulled something out of his pocket, but you weren’t sure what is was, and when you asked he said it was another present from Ohno. He turned to you and began to walk to you, and you slowly backed up till you hit the backboard. He had his hands on either side of you and was looking you up and down. You gulped as he reached out to your shirt. He went to pull it up, but you yelled out, “No Yuuri! Stop!” He slapped you across the face, which made you begin to cry. You thought of the last thing to do, you whipped your own hand against his face. That froze him in his spot, you never hit anyone or anything and he knew it very well, even in his current state. You jumped off the bed and ran out. You just wanted to get away from Chii right then. That night you had cried yourself to sleep. ~The Next Day~ You were walking to breakfast when Chii put his hands over your eyes. You heart stopped short when you heard him ask you to “guess who”. He must have fallen asleep in the boys dorm hat night. You began to panic and said, “I-I-Im late for class!” You went to run, but he caught your hand, “Michiyo, what’s the matter?” He asked looking you in the eyes. That made you mad. How could he just stand there and act like he didn’t do anything? “What do you mean whats the matter? Dont play dumb with me! You know what you did last night! You tried to rape me!” You screamed at him with tears in your eyes. He stood just staring at you and his face soon had a look of realization on it, like he’d just remembered. He had tears swelling up in his eyes. “Michiyo, I-I didnt mean to. I dont know what got into me!” He said. You looked at him and leaned down and caught you in a kiss. You tried to fight him, but soon you gave in quickly. When he was finished he looked you in the eyes and said, “I’m sorry. So so so sorry! I just can’t say no to Ohno, you know that. I really should never have taken those things. Will you ever forgive me?” You smiled slightly and said, “I’ll forgive you, if you’ll be my boyfriend.” He smiled, nodded and kissed you again.
What They Think Of You:
Ryo: She seems nice, I just dont get to talk to her a lot.
Ryutaro: She is very kind to me and Im glad for Chii to have her.
Chii: I love her a lot. She is my everything.
Yuto: I was her partner once and she was very helpful and helped me out to get and A. She’s really nice.
Yabu: She’s awesome.
Daiki: What Yabu said!
Hikaru: She’s really cute.
Kei: She is nice to me.
Yuya: I love teasing her, especially when Chii’s around because he gets all flustered.

Okamoto Keito

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Name: Roan-chan
Boyfriend: Keito Okamoto
Best Friends: Ryo, Yuto, Ryutaro, Chii
Enemies: All Keito fans
How You Met Keito:
You were quietly sitting outside in your backyard, writing in a small notebook. You were actually supposed to get ready to go to the Okamotos’ party but you decided you would write till your mother came to get you. “Roan! Are you ready to go?” Your mothers voice called out to you. You scrambled to your feet and ran to your room, while your mother was downstairs in the kitchen. You laid your book on your dresser and went over to your closet. You pulled out a white knee length skirt and a dark blue tank-top. You slipped on some blue flats and began to run down the stairs while throwing your hair in a ponytail. You slid down the banister the rest of the way. You set down in a chair as your mother looked for her jacket. “So why do I have to go to the Okamoto’s?” you asked. You had actually been dreading this moment since your mom had told you two weeks ago. You had just moved to Tokyo from London, and you knew some Japanese, buy you weren’t that good yet. Your mom had told you that it would be a good to meet another family who had moved from England to Japan, but you knew that they had originally come from Japan anyways. And she had also said that there would be lots of kids there, but you weren’t really comfterble talking in Japanese yet. “Because, Shizu (I made this name up for Keito’s mom, ignore it…) is my friend and she invited both of us to her party,” your mother said turning to you. You let out a sigh and said, “Oh how lucky are we.” You mother gave you look, “Be nice tonight. No sarcastic remarks.” She said. You shrugged and just gave her a small nod and stood up form the chair, “So what, are we waking to get there, mum?” you say, crossing your arms across your chest. “ Of coarse we’re walking! They are just right down the road,” You mother said. ~At The Okamotos’~ As soon as you got there you were greeted by Shizu. “Oh! Melony! (Your mom’s name) I’m so happy to see you!” Shizu said hugging your mother. “I’m happy to see you too, Shizu! Thank you for inviting us over,” your mom said. “No worries. You are always welcomed over here. And who may this beautiful young lady be?” Shizu, as your mom had called her, asked. You blinked a few times at her and finally said, “I’m Emma. Nice to meet you Okamoto-san,” “Nice to meet you, too. You may call me Shizu, okay? English style.” She said to you. You give her a small smile and nodded. All of a sudden you hear a scream and some laughter. Then two boys came out and got behind Shizu with another boy death glaring them from the other side of her, he was soaking wet and had some spiders on him. You gulped slightly. You hated spiders. “Mum! Look what they did! They poured water on me and threw spiders at me!” The wet boy said (in english!) jumping slightly as he tried to get the spiders off. Shizu turned around and bopped the two other boys on the heads, “Yuto-kun! Ryosuke-kun! You know better, do I need to call your parents?” Shizu scolded the two (dang, back to Japanese) Then, for the first time, the boys took notice of you, and ignoring that last remark, one said “Hi, I’m Ryosuke and this is my friend Yuto,” the boy named Ryosuke said to you. “We hear you English” Yuto said in horrible english, “At your service, mam” He bowed and kissed your hand. You giggled and said, “I’m Roan. Nice to meet you.” You look past them at the other boy who had just got the spiders off of him. You jumped slightly as one past you. That got a laugh from the two. “Hi. I’m Keito,” He said (English again), putting his hand out to you, “And they’re idiots.” “Wha?” Ryo said cluelessly. You giggled and shook his hand while saying, “I’m Roan.”
How Keito Asked you Out:
For the past few summers, you had hung out at the Okamotos’ a lot. Attending all the parties. You regretted ever dreading to come here that first day. You were sitting in the guest room, writing in your journal. You smiled as you finished and put it back in your bag. You got up and were ready to go see Chii. Keito had just gone to get him and it sounded like they were back, but the sound of the door downstairs. Meanwhile Keito and Chii were standing in the hallway, talking in hushed tones. “I know Saki (a girl in his class) means well, but she keeps sending me all these love letters about how we should get together. She knows I like Roan,” Keito grumbled. Chii nodded and said, “Well don’t worry about it,” At this moment you were rounding the corner and stopped short behind Keito. “Well she can be so annoying sometimes! She acts all to friendly. Sometimes I just can’t stand to be around her,” Keito said. Chii was trying to tell Keito to stop, and you felt tears swell up in your eyes. Finally, Keito turned when he heard you sob. “You should have just told me the truth instead of talking behind my back.” You screamed and ran back into the guest room, locking the door behind you. Keito came after you, but you were in the room crying before he could even get to the door. “Roan, I wasn’t talking about you!” he yelled through the door. You didn’t even bother to listen to him at all. You yelled through the door to him, “You don’t have to be nice if you don’t want to, just stop.” You whimpered slightly after and there was silence. You heard Shizu call for everyone to come to dinner, but you didn’t attend. A few hours later you decided you might as well go get whatever was leftover for you since your stomach was complaining quite loudly. You walked to the door and opened it to hit a sleeping Keito slumped against the wall. He woke up instantly with a shout, “Roan!” He exclaimed while standing up. You just looked down, “I’m no-“You were cut off by Keito, “Look Roan, I wasn’t talking about you. I was talking about Saki. I’m sorry about the confusion,” He said rubbing the back of his head, “She’s been kind of a stalker lately.” “She must really like you then.” “Yeah, but she knows I like someone else.” “Oh, you do?” you sounded disappointed, so you tied to cover it up, “Well, I like someone too.” “You do?! Who?” “It’s a secret” There was an awkward silence, during which you realized Keito must not have eaten either, and he had waited all that time for you, and your stomach growled again. And Keito’s eyes were wandering around the room when they landed on a ripped out journal page. He smiled and just as you were about to apologize he kissed you on the lips. You pulled away and gasped, “What was that for?” “You like me,” he said, gesturing to the page, the one on the floor with his name in a little heart, “and… the other someone I like is you.” This time you kissed him and he pulled you closer and kissed back. When you both released, he smiled at you and said, “So, this means were going out?” He looked at you hopefully. You laugh and say, Yes.
What They Think Of You:
Ryo: She seems quiet at first, but she is really nice and funny.
Ryutaro: She is very nice and helps me out a lot. She is pretty, too.
Chii: She’s good for Ron. He really likes her.
Yuto: She’s fun to prank. She just laughs it off and gets me back.
Keito: I love her with all of my heart. She’s so special to me.
Yabu: She’s sweet.
Daiki: She is very pretty and nice.
Hikaru: Who? Oh her, she seems nice.
Kei: I’m not sure about her, I guess she’s cool.
Yuya: Really nice, she helps me with my englsih!