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if i were to describe di-chan..
she's the type of girl who doesn't give up.
a type of girl who loves to study.
a type of girl who strives at anything when given notice.
a type of girl who laughs really hard when i thought she wouldn't.
a type of girl of  who leads her friends and makes good topics.
a girl who doesn't like boys who are naughty and think they
are a part of earth's air. believe me. she hates boys like that.:D
she's a good model towards her friends and others.
she doesn't want attention but attention gets her.
a very modernized and a good student with good grades.
she was the culprit to why we discovered Hey!Say!JUMP
she's determined to whatever might come to her.
she's a God-fearing person.
a person you want to befriend with.:)