All about Chivy-chan. :)

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Chivy is one of the Syndrome members. She is the tallest among us all. She is a funny girl and crazy at the same time (laughs). She is our comedian and I tell you, when you want to laugh, just let her speak and I assure you that you'll be laughing. She loves to laugh all the time. We even laugh because the way she laughs is funny. haha. (Wait, how many times did I say the word LAUGH? hahaha.) She is also intelligent. She is anti-love like me. (hahaha.) I can see that she also loves taking pictures of herself.

She is the first person I ever told about Hey Say Jump. It is because we always call each other on the phone (A-chan too) We talk about our stories on the phone. We also share about our fantasies. :)

She loves dancing. She even have a video. (HAHAHA. Remember?)

We knew of each other last year. It was when A-chan stayed in Japan for a long time and it took her about 2 months?(gomene. I forgot) Chivy also loves to sing and use facebook. :)

Her favorite is Chinen-san. ^_^

Words can't simply describe her. She is an amazing friend and is really a "MUST-KEEP" The one to treasure forever.

by: -di-chan :3-