Chivy-chan for me..

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     She's the best friend that you could ever have, she's nice, smart, pretty, funny, helpful and loving. Whenever I would have a problem, she would always have a solution.
     To tell you the truth, I sometimes get scared whenever she's not around with me or we get separated, I don't know why but that's how I feel. She's like a sister to me even though she acts like a kid.
    I'm very thankful because GOD gave me a Best Friend like her, I really enjoy her company because I feel comfortable whenever I'm with her..

TO CHIVY-CHAN: ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU ! There will always be a ONE and ONLY YOU.  Thanks a lot for everything!



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  1. 私はあなたチャイム - chan を愛します! あなたの私が今までに持っていた bestest 友人たちの1人。. 他に類を見ない友人が好むようにして感謝しています。.. あなたがする方法で私を扱い続けてください!!!

    wahahahaaaa... tnx chime-chan! Lub yah!!! hehehehehee...

    by chivy-chan!!!