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The Basics

Name: Chivy-chan.
Age: 14 years old.
Month of birth: September minus one = NoVember
Any Siblings?: I have 2 younger brothers which are abnormals like me... That's BLOOD.
Occupation: A student and a human.
Do you like your job?: yeah because being a student will let you gain alot of friendships!!!.
Any pets?: 8 kittens, 3 cats, 1 dog. (Note: 8 kittens resided on my neighbor's crib)
Hair color: When struck by the sun, its Brown. Normally, its Black.
Eye color: I wonder if there are eyes with Rainbow color, but my eye's color maybe is Black or Dark Brown.
Shoe size: 9?? maybe...
Any Tattoos?: Nope.
Any Piercings?: In the ear. (the normal piercings for girls)
Current mood : ehhhm... HAPPY as always. :)
Current wardobe choice : Shirt & shorts which are comfortable. Dress where in I could Jump and do moves comfortably.
What are you listening to? : Tell me by WonderGirls.
Who did you last speak with on the phone? :Henny-chan. ^_^
What do you currently smell like? : perfume...
Movie you watched :The Hottie and the Nottie. LOL.
Magazine you looked at : OTAKUZINE!!! Luv it!
Thing you ate : Shrimp. yummy!
Book you read : My current story entitled, "Safira"
T.v. show you watched : Spongebob Squarepants and Anime :D
Time you cried : IDK, I cant remember it anymore cause I hate crying!
Took a shower : a while ago.
Got a real letter (a.k.a Snail Mail) : From Mother-loo.. hehehe.. from MoM.
Ate at a restaurant (not fast food) : ??? let me think... I always eat but I dont know if its in a restaurant.
CD you bought : I dunno. ^_^ IDK

What is/was....

The best thing to happen to you today? : Waking up in the morning and able to annoy my lil' bros.
Your most prized possession : ???... My LIFE.
Your first vehicle : Bicycle... soo..COOL.
Your current vehicle : Bicycle...
Your favorite quote : Never Give Up. IMPOSSIBLE is POSSIBLE.
Your bedtime (on average) : Currently its 9 pm cause I have a medicine for me to sleep early, yet It has a side effect LOL. I could sleep in School which is horrible.
Your best trait/characteristic : Being CRAZY... 'cause it makes me non-sense..
Your worst trait/characteristic : Being CRAZY... 'cause it makes me non-sense.. :)

Do You....

Store things under your bed : Yes, esp. my story notebook.
Daydream : Hallucinations!!! I wonder not Daydream.
Have a computer at home : Yes.
Live in the city, suburbs or country : In a city.
Live in a home, apartment, duples or mobile home : Home.
Own a cell phone : Yes.
Have a good luck charm : Maybe but I dont believe in goodluck charm. It's you who makes goodluck charm in your life.
Collect anything : Yeah.. esp. letters from my friendships since 3rd grade. and key chains, LOVE it.!
Attend high school or college: I'm a JUNIOR HS student.
Make good grades : Yippee... Yes!

Have You Ever....

Had a surgery? : No.
Had teeth pulled? :Yes, and I still have it... It's gross to think but I kept my teeth in a box. -REMEMBRANCE-
Broke the law intentionally : Classroom Rules, YES. But Country Law, NO!
Ran away from home? : NO.
Broke a bone? : Not Yet. But I have a ball cancer on my knee.
Cheated on a test/exam : No.
Had a friend pass away : My 1st Dog...
Been issued a citation/traffic ticket : No.
Been in an auto accident : No.
Lied to someone : Yes.
Been lied to : Yes.

Your Favorite....

Place to be : EaRth!!!
Place to visit : Universe!
Place to chill : Refrigerator! I mean at Home.
Non-Alcoholic drink : Water.
Alcoholic drink : I don't drink alcoholic drinks. :p
Type of food : As long as its FOOD, no problem. ^_^
Meal/Food dish : EVERYTHING.
Dessert : Chocolates and Ice cream.
Shampoo & Conditioner : Sunsilk, Cream Silk.
Toothpaste : Colgate.
Salad dressing : Thousand Islands.
Ice cream : Vanilla, Cookies and Cream, Quezo Real, and Chocolate.
Fast food establishment : Jollibee, KFC, Greenwich, Chow King, Rai-Rai Ken.
Color : Yellow, Orange, Green.
Season : Summer. I love Fall.
Perfume/Cologne : As long as its pleasant to the nose.
Video Game : PacMan.
T.V. show : HERO, Anime Channel.
Smells : many.
Book : BIBLE, Chronicles of Narnia, Hamlet (nosebleed), Witch Lessons,etc...
Children's Book : Beauty and the Beast, Peter Rabbit, and Elmo & Friends.
Candy : Chocolate.
Car : Bicycle.

Do You Believe....

In Karma : Sometimes.
In God : YES.
In Heaven & Hell : YES.
That aliens exist (extraterrestrial variety, not illegal aliens) : Yes, I have a friend that is an alien.
That ghosts exist : It does exist... I dont know if I would believe in ghost.
In horoscopes : NO... I read Horoscopes but I dont believe in it.
In others you know (family, friends, co-workers etc): Yes! but some family friends I dont know them but I talk to them without knowing who they are.
In yourself : YES! yes... yep.. yup.. YIPPEE...

Chivy-Chan... AHOI!!!