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The Basics

Name: aaa-chan.

Age: 15 years old.

Month of birth: July

Any Siblings?: older brother. 4 years ahead of me.

Occupation: student.

Do you like your job?: i don't have a job. i'm still a student

Any pets?: 3 dogs , a cat and a duck.:D

Hair color: black.

Eye color: dark brown.

Shoe size: eight and a half??

Any Tattoos?: none.

Any Piercings?: in the ear.(normal piercings)

Current mood : excited.

Current wardobe choice : pedals and some ordinary t-shirt. then pair it with converse.:D

What are you listening to? : We Are Broken by Paramore

Who did you last speak with on the phone? : Di-chan.

What do you currently smell like? : chicken joy.XD


Movie you watched : Year One.:D

Magazine you looked at : i forgot.

Thing you ate : dinner

Book you read : my friends' stories and some books here in house.

T.v. show you watched : CNN

Time you cried : last night. i was watching HEAL THE WORLD by Micheal Jackson. i didn't noticed i was actually crying.XD

Took a shower : just this afternoon.hehe.:D
Got a real letter (a.k.a Snail Mail) : not yet. and i wish i can recieve a snail letter someday.:D

Ate at a restaurant (not fast food) : Mandarin.favorite restaurant.:))

CD you bought : a HSJ dvd.:)

What is/was....

The best thing to happen to you today? : my nephew and nieces are here.:]
Your most prized possession : my lavander bracelet. but still i have a lot of prized possessions.:)

Your first vehicle : i still don't have one. when i turn to the right age, maybe i'll own a car.

Your current vehicle : our family vehicle.

Your favorite quote : "Anything is possible. If you got enough nerve."
You bedtime (on average) : 11pm.

Your best trait/characteristic : i don't know?

Your worst trait/characteristic :  i don't know either.:]

Do You....

Store things under your bed : no.

Daydream : Yes!a lot.haha!

Have a computer at home : Yup.

Live in the city, suburbs or country : in a city.

Live in a home, apartment, duples or mobile home : home.

Own a cell phone : yep.

Have a good luck charm : yup. my lavander bracelet.:D

Collect anything : aha!books and i'm planning to collect figurines.:]

Attend high school or college: i'm in high school.

Make good grades : well, yea.

Have You Ever....

Had a surgery? : no and i don't want to have a surgery.

Had teeth pulled? :Yes.

Broke the law intentionally :no.

Ran away from home? : no.

Broke a bone? : nope.

Cheated on a test/exam : nope.

Had a friend pass away : none. and i hope none of my friends will pass away.

Been issued a citation/traffic ticket : No.

Been in an auto accident : No.

Lied to someone : Yes.

Been lied to : Yes.

Your Favorite....

Place to be : at our balcony.

Place to visit : HAWAII!:D

Place to chill : at home.

Non-Alcoholic drink : H2O

Alcoholic drink : i don't drink any alcoholic drinks.

Type of food : anything. but i like fruits the most.

Meal/Food dish : anything. as long as it's healthy for me.

Dessert : Four Seasons

Shampoo & Conditioner : Clear, Cream Silk.

Toothpaste : Colgate.

Salad dressing : none at the moment.

Ice cream : any kind of icecream.:)

Fast food establishment : Jollibee.

Color : pink, sky blue, dadalion and lavander

Season : summer and spring.

Perfume/Cologne : ivana and boy dates girl.

Video Game : video games at my brother's psp. particular is Virtual Tennis

T.V. show : Disney Channel, Lifestyle Network, Discovery Channel, Nickelodeon, Nat'l Geographic Channel

Smells : many to mention

Book : a lot to mention too.:)


Children's Book : i had a fairytale book which consists of Disney tales. but sadly, one classmate of mine lost it.:(
Candy : anything.

Car : avanza and  jazz. it's cool and it's kind of girlish vehicles.

Do You Believe....

In Karma :dunno.

In God : YES.

In Heaven & Hell :YES.

That aliens exist (extraterrestrial variety, not illegal aliens) : i am an alien myself.(joke.XD)

That ghosts exist : i don't know.

In horoscopes : nahh.
In others you know (family, friends, co-workers etc): YUP. IT ONLY TAKES FAITH.:)

In yourself : yup?