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It’s turned really cold recently ne

Everyone please don’t catch a cold ne

And and, recently the me who hates walking

Started going outside to walk very often

Well I’m shocked

Why is it so

When I talk about walking, you can’t compare me to Chinen and Keito yo

For me walking is really just strolling around my house for about 5 minutes (laugh)

For me that’s really a very big improvement ne ?

Ne ?

Chinen Keito (笑)

Everyone, walking is good so please try walking too

And I had the honour to be able to do something that you can only do in winter ne

I got invited to the Tokyo Dome City Illumination Event

I was really touched It was really pretty

I want the 10 members of JUMP to all go to see the illuminations na

It’s beautiful na

We really have a lot of events in the winter ne

From the 16th of November,

The Lotte “Ghana Milk Chocolate” CM that we, Seven, appeared in will start air – ing


Everyone let’s eat chocolate fondue together

Everyone please try chocolate fondue ne

And and, from the 19th of December to the 6th of January

There’ll be the JUMP Winter Concert~

It’s coming na


JUMP will do amazing things once again so everyone please come and play ne


We’ll meet again