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JUMPaper 08/11/2009 Nakajima Yuto

Yaho Long time no see

Recently my little brother has, been carrying around a teddy bear that we bought from some amusement park, even when he’s sleeping he’s hugging it…

The person who feels like hugging that little brother is

Nakajima Yuto

How have you all been? I’m really energetic


In a little bit more time another year is going to pass
It’s fast ne

It’s already November Decorative lights are already hung up on the streets…

But the lights are really beautiful ne Until now I’ve already taken lots of pictures…

Ah, speaking of it, although I’ve already mentioned it on the magazine…

I bought a camera with my Otoshidama (Note: New Year money)

It’s my camera yo my camera Like this heh laugh

I’ve always been using my phone to take pictures so I’ve always wanted to try taking real pictures

It’s a digital single lens you know

For now whatever that is interesting, scenery or whatever I’ll take it like “snap snap”

By just holding it in my hands makes me excited

Because of that, I guess I’ll upload my photos from this week onwards


By the way this photo was shot with my phone

Like doesn’t it give you an unexpected feeling

It’s as if you’re about to be sucked into the sky…

But as expected Japan has too many telephone wires Speaking of telephone wires telephone poles too

Although there are times where telephone wires give you a good feeling

When lightning strikes telephone poles are scary ne

Because you never know when the telephone poles will drop
Be careful


The topic changed?


Never mind



Do you know about this
It’s been quite popular recently,

An instrument called the cajón (Note: A kind of drum, more info here)

I bought it

If you watch street performances you’ll see many people playing it ne

You sit on this and play it yo

And according to where you hit the sound will differ slightly

Well, basically it’s

The area in the centre goes

If you talk about it as drums it’ll be the part of the bass drum

The area at the top goes

If you talk about it as drums it’ll be the part of the snare drum

If you want to play it in 4/4 time it’ll be
Bon, ka, bonbon ka

You play it with that kind of feeling but,,,

Up to now have you understood everything

Anyway it’s an easy instrument, which you can start off very relaxedly, and play it anyway you like
It’s interesting yo

It’ll be good if we can have something like an acoustic corner which uses the cajón sometime na And I want to try playing our songs like a band

And also the drums closely related to percussion

Although I always use thickness A8 drumsticks,

But a while ago, I bought drumsticks that the drummer Chad Smith from Red Hot Chilli Peppers that Hikaru likes uses


Just like what I heard it’s thick and quite heavy

That’s why you can hear such clean and powerful beats ne


Although it’s useful for strengthening your wrists, but if you suddenly use that to play, to your wrists it’ll be crazy yo

Wait for me a little longer

But as expected when you play the drums like bang, you’ll feel more relaxed

Recently around me ne, there are people talking behind backs, and spreading rumours around,

When I see this I feel tired

Like even if you don’t say anything about that person just being there will give you an unhappy feeling right?

I hate it when it’s like this

If you have something to say wouldn’t it be better to say it face to face. Why do people have to form little groups and take whatever that person does that is interesting to make fun of him, and immediately reject him?

For rumours and whatever it doesn’t really matter how people are, but why do people have to spread weird rumours, and decide how that person is?

This isn’t saying anything to any particular person though.


I feel that way

Eh, am I okay

Like I suddenly talked about stuff that have no particular meaning whatsoever, I’m sorry for that

Well but these kind of things fly away thanks to drums

Drums are the best~

Well I think I’ll write around this much for today

Let’s meet again at the concerts

Although it’s winter but with around as much warmth that will melt the snow we’ll do a concert that’s really fun with YOU (He said this in English)

Look forward to it~