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SYNDROME’s Mature and pretty members
Jie-chan a.k.a. “The mother-like-girl”
(January 24, 1994)
Jie-chan is the eldest among us; she’s like a mother to us. She disciplines us whenever we do something not right. She’s also strict, especially when it comes to our boy classmates in school, but even though she’s strict, she’s still nice and sweet. She loves to read especially mystery books. She’s also an anime lover which influenced Chivy-chan and Chimee-chan as well. Jie-chan is sometimes impatient especially when it comes to us being late during our shooting. (Peace Te Jill!) She’s a responsible girl and likes to keep things neat and tidy; we love her so much because of her mother-like attitude, although I didn’t quite get it when she received both Mother-like award and most childish award during our Christmas party...
Jin-chan a.k.a. “Noisy but nice”
(April 17, 1994)
Jin-chan is the 2nd oldest in our group. She’s a really great dancer and loves to pick on Jie-chan. usually, she’s very noisy especially when making announcements but she’s also quiet whenever she doesn’t feel like being noisy (XD), and she’s a friendly person and an energetic one. Jie-chan often disciplines her because of her noisy attitude which made her leave no choice but for her to keep quiet. She’s a really great person and friend; you’ll really enjoy her whenever she’s with you.
Dii-chan a.k.a. “The study addict”
(May 23, 1994)
Dii-chan is the 3rd eldest in our group. She’s a study addict, which means, she loves to study. She can’t even sleep if ever she didn’t get the chance to study. There was a time when we stayed in Marco Polo for one night; she even brought a social studies book and another book for her to study. No wonder she’s the 2nd honors in the whole 3rd year batch. Besides being a study addict, she’s also good in computer. She’s good in editing pictures as well and she is the one who made our blog. She’s a friendly person and that’s why we love hanging out with her.
Aaa-chan a.k.a. “Alien life form”
(July 31, 1994)
Aaa-chan is the 4th oldest among us. She is described to be a bit weird because of her saying “wawewiwowu”. She’s also a bit gullible and described to be as an alien because of her trip to Japan 2 times. But even though she’s like that, she’s a friendly person and a caring one. She’s Mother Nature’s friend since she cares about the environment and nature so much. She’s also concerned about our health. She would always tell us to never forget to drink water and eat vegetables and fruits. Aaa-chan is a great friend; you’ll be very blessed to have her as a friend as well.
Chivy-chan a.k.a. “Crazy and pretty member”
(November 5, 1994)
Chivy-chan is the 5th oldest among the members. She’s a very friendly person and a crazy one too. She’s a funny one as well and loves to joke around us. She loves to eat and she would always look for food. She’s also pretty which made a lot of boys fall for her but unfortunately, she’s not the type of girl who’s looking for a relationship. She’s more into games and anything fun. She is like a child because she’s always happy and likes to cheer us up whenever we our down. We really enjoy her company because she’s the greatest friend that anyone could ever have. She gives us good advice and stays away from fights. Chivy-chan is a great friend, one that could make you laugh all the time.
Mie-chan a.k.a. “Pretty and sporty”
(November 16, 1994)
Another member which we consider as a pretty girl and that is Mie-chan. Mie-chan is the 6th oldest among us. She’s also a great friend and she really likes to hug us. She’s considered as the sportiest one in our group. She’s great at any sports like soccer, badminton, volleyball, basketball and many more. She’s also part of the soccer team as well. She’s a great leader and loves to mingle with others. She’s also good in playing the guitar and is part of the Worship Avenue. Mie-chan’s a friend on which you can enjoy being with that’s why we like hanging out with her.

SYNDROME’s Childish and cute members
Ro-chan a.k.a. “Supplier”
(January 14, 1995)
Ro-chan is like a supplier to us especially in group projects. There was a time when we were assigned to design the bulletin board and she brought the most materials (laughs) and also the time when we made our project in math, she also brought all the materials and we just helped make the project. Besides being our supplier (smile) she’s also a nice friend. She’s nice and caring and you’ll also enjoy her company.
Rina-chan a.k.a. “Neko artist”
(January 16, 1995)
Rina-chan is a great artist. She likes to draw anime and she even created her own comics. When you’ll see her drawing, you’ll be amazed because of its cuteness. Besides being an artist, she’s a Neko-lover. She likes cats very much; she’s a good friend and one that you can count on. She’s the silent type of girl and has a very cute voice. She’s cute and lovable. She likes to say things like “Wai and Wehehehe”. You’ll really like her for she is loyal to her friends as well.

Pré-chan a.k.a. “Talented Musician”
(April 1, 1995)
Pré-chan is a talented musician. She can play the guitar, piano, violin and flute. She is a very good pianist and a friend. Besides being a musician, she is also a very smart girl; in fact, she’s 3rd honors in the whole 3rd year level. She’s also a caring person. She cares about her friends whenever they’re down. She’s a lovable person as well and she’ll be there to help a friend out.
Gui-chan a.k.a. “Crazy dancer”
(July 16, 1995)
Gui-chan is the 2nd youngest in our group. She likes to dance a lot. She was once a Korean addict and now, she’s converted into a Japanese addict. She’s also crazy like Chivy-chan and she’s a great friend. You’ll enjoy her company because of the crazy things that she’ll do. She’s also a friendly one and she wouldn’t back down on a fight. She’s also brave and likes to watch horror. She’s sweet and nice and likes to play around. She’s an outgoing person and likes adventures in which you’ll find when you’re with her.
Chimee-chan a.k.a. “The youngest”
(October 30, 1995)
Chimee-chan is the youngest among the syndrome and the whole 3rd year batch. She’s a bit lazy and sometimes stubborn. She doesn’t listen to Aaa-chan whenever she would tell her to drink water especially when she is sick. She doesn’t like horror which means, she’s the opposite of Rina and Gui. She’s also considered to be one of the fashionable members. Some say she acts mature for her age but she’s actually childish and a crybaby. She likes to play around with Dii-chan and Dii-chan would always call her weird or crazy. She also likes to eat like Chivy and she’s a great friend too. You’ll also enjoy her company because of her being playful.

We are the HSJ SYNDROME, a group of friends that would stick together and our motto is...