Hey! Say! 7 part WINK UP

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Hey! Say! 7 part WINK UP

That face! I’ll show you that face during the concert, ne!

Chinen: Right now, we’re in the middle of touring the whole entire country. By the time this comes out to the public, we’ll be close to the Tokyo Dome concert… right. We’re using up a lot of energy, ne.

Yamada: Right now, we probably have 75% of our energy left.

Nakajima: You both are doing work for NYC too. You’ll definitely use energy then. I have this feeling that the fans don’t see me/us fretting a lot (laughs). I’m not really sure whether he means himself, or the group, or whatever because Japanese sentences can still make sense without a subject.

Okamoto: Well, I guess you can be the Y in NYC (laughs).

Nakajima: Yeah, that’s right. Because since I’m a Nakajima, I can even by NY (laughs).

Chinen: Then, us together, we’ll be NYC (laughs). YESS NAKACHIII <33

Nakajima: So seriously, tell me when you get tired. Me and Chinen will barely fill in for you (laughs).

Yamada: That really helps~ (laughs).

Nakajima: But when I see you guys working as NYC on TV, I think that you guys are really busy and tired, but I think, “A member of JUMP, work hard!”

Chinen: Really? Thank you. But, I think Yuma is especially busy. I feel as if whenever he has free time, he’s always sleeping.

Nakajima: Ryutaro’s probably not that tired, but I don’t see him moving around a lot.

Morimoto: (Unsatisfied) That’s not true.

Yamada: That face! Show that face during the concert, ne!

Morimoto: I’ll work hard~~~~!

Yamada: After the concert ends, I make my own mini-movie, and I hold this evaluation meeting. And then, every time Ryutaro appears, that face (that complete-out-of-the-body face) appears (laughs).

Morimoto: Liar~. I put everything into everything!

Okamoto: Ryutaro’s face shines when.. let’s see… when we work with the Jr. group Snow Man.

Chinen: Because have you ever seen Ryutaro sweat a lot? I’m sure Chinen has… *cough;ALSWDKJGA;KLWECcough* *shotshot* XDDDD

Morimoto: My back, my back, my back, my back!

Okamoto: You don’t have to say it that much (laughs).

Morimoto: Whenever we have group interviews, I always get bullied on, 100% of the time. But I learned. If I talk back, the 4 of you will talk back to me all at once, so I said to myself to not talk back to you guys (laughs).

Okamoto: Don’t lose! (And slaps Ryutaro’s thigh) RAPE. DAIKI IS A BAD INFLUENCE *shot* XD

Ryutaro: I’m glad, but at least don’t hit me (laughs).

Okamoto: I want you to be a stronger kid! (and once again slaps Ryutaro’s thigh)

Morimoto: I understand, so don’t hit me!

What are you saying? I like Ryutaro more than you. Quote Chinen Yuuri. *sighs* my dream come true… *shot*

Yamada: And that’s how the talk goes on (laughs).

Chinen: This happens a lot, ne. Just before, I was sleeping on Ryutaro’s shoulder. OHHH MAAA GGAA A;WLKGJEWA;LKGJAWE;LGKJA;EWGKLJEKWF CHIIITARROOOO AW;ELKGJAW;EKLFJA;KEW *MASSIVE INCOHERENCY. SORRY GAIZ. BUT URGENT.A S;GKLJWE;JAW;AJWE;K . Then, Keito, like how he’s acting now, starts to play around with Ryutaro, so every time he poked Ryutaro, my head would move around. Afterwards, I got mad at Keito (laughs).

Okamoto: That’s because I like Ryutaro so I had to...

Chinen: What are you saying? I like Ryutaro more than you! HOLY SHIT GAIZ. HE JUST LIKE CONFESSED TO RYUTAROO A;WLEKRJAWEKJ;

Okamoto: What? I like…

Chinen: Saisho wa Gu! Ganken pon! It’s the Japanese version of Rock, Paper scissors XD. (They played rock, paper, scissors.) Yosh, I won~!

Morimoto: You guys, don’t choose who gets me with rock, paper, scissors (laughs). Fine, I understand, you guys are so annoying (laughs).

Yamada: Ryutaro, you should have that same character that you have now during the concert MC’s.

Nakajima: But even if we act this way, BEST acts way more child-ish (laughs). In backstage, they play games and they’re always screaming like, “Yaaaaa~y!” Also in the morning when we greet each other, they say, “I’m on level 9 today!” (laughs).

Okamoto: Yeah! They’re really like elementary school kids, they’re barely above them.

Nakajima: I wonder who’s the youngest brain/body-wise?

Yamada: Isn’t it Yabu-kun? He’s really young, and he’s really full of energy!

Okamoto: Although he’s a ninkyo (laughs). Do you watch his drama?

Everybody: We do~!

Morimoto: It’s really fun!

Nakajima: The role that Yabu-kun plays, it’s like his normal self. Yabu-kun’s always like that high-tensioned person.

Yamada: Although he doesn’t have that much of a character, but if he makes his character, he can just play his role in Ninkyo (laughs).

Nakajima: It would be a disaster if he did the MC for the concert at that kind of tension (laughs). But for this MC, isn’t Keito trying his best?

Yamada: But he always says random things.

Nakajima: Yeah, also, Keito has a lot of things to talk about that includes Yamachan. That look on his face that says, “He said it!” whenever he looks at Yamachan is priceless (laughs).

Okamoto: Yamada-kun said once, “I poked my finger through a fan once.”

Yamada: Well, shall I say something here (laughs). The fans will get worried! Oh, but I wasn’t hurt so please don’t fret. And for good kids out there, do not imitate me.

Morimoto: What a follow up (laughs).

When I was watching them, I was thinking, “What the heck are they doing”? (laughs)

Okamoto: Also Yamchan, recently, whenever you come near me, you start to punch me…

Yamada: Well you started ignoring me whenever I punched you so it’s boring now (laughs). But I’ll just say this, but I only use about 50% of my strength when I punch you. It seems as if Keito’s leveled up a lot, so I’m thinking that I’d start using 60%, 70% and so forth of my power to punch you.

Chinen: Yamachan originally has a lot of strength, so even if he punches me lightly, it angers me a lot (laughs).

Nakajima: Yeah! Chinen gets irritated at that really easily (laughs)! It happened once.

Yamada: It did, it did. During a photoshoot for a magazine, I was sitting, and re-tying my shoes. Then from behind, Ryutaro came and I thought, “Chance!” and punched him. As soon as I thought, “Yosh, misson succeeded!” this kick came flying towards me. I thought “Oh, you go Ryutaro…” and when I flipped around… Chinen was there to protect Ryutaro UFUFUFUF *shot*

Chinen: And that was me (laughs).

Morimoto: When I was watching them, I was thinking, “What the heck are they doing”? (laughs)

Yamada: Uwa, that smirk, I hate it (laughs)! My punch is one of my ways to spread the love. It feels like a manly thing to do between my guy friends!

Okamoto: Oh, but I understand that somewhat. It’s in that same category as the patting-on-the-shoulder.

Yamada: I bet girls will never understand, even if they try to spend their whole lives figuring out what it all means (laughs).

Chinen: Then why don’t you punch somebody from BEST someday?

Yamada: If I were to punch HIkaru-kun, I have a feeling he would punch me back really quickly That 0.03 second later after I punch Hikaru-kun, this punch from him comes back (laughs).

Morimoto: Talking about Hikaru-kun, are you watching, “Orthros~”? I DO I DO *drool over sexyosakaman* oh sorry XD

Everybody: We watched, we watched!

Nakajima: The role that Hikaru-kun plays, it’s extremely scary, ne. After I watched the drama, I couldn’t stop thinking of the normal Hikaru-kun to be the nicest person ever (laughs). I thought, that’s a real actor.

Chinen: But within BEST, Hikaru-kun played that bad character, Yabu-kun played the NInkyo, and Yuya played a member from Gokusen, more than half played somebody evil (laughs).

Yamada: What happened to everybody (laughs).

Nakajima: It’s alright, it’s alright! Let’s rip apart that innocent image of JUMP! NOOO. I LIKE THE INNOCENT IMAGE DAMNIT XD