Yamada Duet Translation

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How would I spend Christmas with Yabu? When we speak about things it would probably manga and soccer. [You know your senpai so well : D] The soccer club from the J-League [Japanese soccer league] that I like is Shonan Bellmare, I want to go to the stadium and watch a game. With a megaphone you can make your voice sound 3 times, so I wanna take a megaphone to cheer them on. Yabu-kun is probably very competitive, so he'll probably be really loud (Laughs).
My Christmas present will be a customized soccer uniform. The logo will be the name "YABU". After the game we'll go home and eat dinner with my family. Once the plan is over, I think it was quite enjoyable.
Speaking of Christmas, illumination. Eh, I said the same thing last year? That's because I love to see the sparkling very much. This year Tokyo Dome was the city's illumination with a lot of pretty lights, it made me happy, na. When we have aroma candles in the house,  I make a circle of them on the ground when it's Christmas, and sit in the middle to meditate. ... that's when it became really hot, making it impossible (Laughs). But I'm sure the world one day - will show you a beautiful illumination.
I would like to have a huge tree with lots of decoration. When it's Christmas time the lights are really pretty and the view is good but with all the couple's around, I would get the feeling like, "hey! I'm on a break!" (Laughs) But when I see such a beautiful thing I face it with a pure heart. I also melt away when I see a baby.
I saw the movie with Micheal Jackson. I saw the concert rehearsals from a few days before his death, and it was quite impressive. What was going on his is mind, the concert scheme, I could see everything. There was such a high level of professionalism, he was a great director, and I think he was a great existence. I think his existence polished and stimulated humanity a bit more.

Message from Kota:
Going to the stadium to watch a soccer match? That's okay, let's go! Afterwards partying with your family. I don't disagree. I have met Yama-chans father at a concert once, when I talked to him he was really funny and friendly.

And yay~ It's done. I don't think I have ever enjoyed a Yamada translation I did myself more then this one. This is exactly the Yamada I love. Cute, funny and thoughtful. I'd just wished we'd see more of this side of his, instead of that supposed to be sexy one.
Not much to say about this interview, other than that I will be starting a new translation this night XD So it might be up tonight. Or tomorrow. Or not. : D We'll see~