Dai-chan's 13/12/09 JUMPaper

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13/12/2009 Dai-chan's JUMPaper translation.


Hello hello! I am Daiki, the one who has the smallest feet in JUMP.

Has it turned completely cold recently? In order to not catch a cold,everybody don’t forget to wash your hands and rinse your mouth often.

If you say “ALOHA” while rinsing your mouth,it can let the deepest of your throat feel refreshed.

Let’s talk about the recent happenings.

When recording「The Shounen Club」that’s aired today,I was dressed up as Santa.

Then, the youngest of the Snow Prince Gasshoudan, Chino-kun, looked at me with sparkly eyes.

He came running over, saying, “Is it Santa?!”

I then asked, “Does Santa go to Chino-kun’s house every year?”

「Un 」Although it’s said immediately, there’s seem to be a slight hesitation in it.

It was as though, he was thinking about answering with, “But then!” with a shake of his head. (laughs)

That time, although it’s said that the kind of present to receive has not been decided yet, but then, is it decided already

When I was still in kindergarten,although I didn’t know the name of the robot that I really wanted,I still tried my best to write it in the letter,and when I received it that day,it was a toy called「AIUEO Classroom」, it was too shocking,so…

I first stood on a table

Then, I looked up without thinking.

I breathed deeply.

“You this stupid Santa! ”

and shouted. I have a sad memory like this.

But, thanks to that toy, for the following years,I would always try to write as clearly as I can, in my letter to Santa. (laughs)

Speaking of Christmas, when watching the「Music Station Super LIVE」CM with the JUMP members just now, and the moment JUMP’s name appeared, all of the members go “Oh oh? ” and got all excited. (laugh)

Obviously they already knew a long time ago. (laughs)

This is what I like about JUMP. (laughs)

Then, I’ll write until here this time.


To Mama

Happy Birthday! (laughs)