Popolo 2/10: Morimoto Ryutaro

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1. Who’s most spoiled?
(Chinen Yuuri) It’s definitely Chinen. Even now, he says, “Ryu ch~an” and sits on my lap. By the way, I am younger than him…. (laughs).
2. Who’s the “master” of the “house.”
(Morimoto Ryutaro) Probably me. My grandpa’s the “master of the house” –person and I have his blood so (laughs).
3. Who’s the most romantic?
(Inoo Kei) He’s nice, and he seems to fulfill the requests of all the girls. I can never do those things!
4. Who’s the sexiest?
(Takaki Yuya) He’s sexy during the concerts. Especially during the explosions/fireworks. His fashion sense is good, and he’s easily admirable. I’m still young, so I have a long way until I can be like Takaki-kun (laughs).
5. Who’s the type of man who doesn’t look for love/marriage in women?
(Nakajima Yuto) He’s really nice, so he’s not the type that always goes for women. His looks are goods, and he has that brother-type feeling. I’m opposite, I go for women (laughs). Now, now calm down. When he says that he “goes” for women, he means that he’s more interested than Yuto is. I think from Ryutaro’s POV, Yuto has no interest in women, therefore Ryutaro classifies himself as a boy who goes for women.
6. Who’s the most adult man?
Daichan is very manly. Whatever he does, he has a reason for it, and his heart is wide and I can talk to him about anything. So I feel as if he’s a manly adult. Compared to that, I’m still a child so I have to learn.
7. Who’s the person who would change the most in ’10?
I want to risk my body and challenge new things.

Recently, I’ve changed my ringtone from this song that I liked to an anime song. For me, this change is quite rare.