TV Life December 2009

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Yabu: 2009 feels like you have been finished your first concert, right?

Yaotome: It’s right ne. I am together with Yabu are produce the concert for the first time.

Inoo: We make a film for concert’s use (note: like VTR). It’s really fun.

Arioka: We made short story too ne.

Morimoto: Maybe this is first concert where I think, “This is made by us”

Takaki: 7 (Seven) did solo concert in this spring too, right? I feel envy.

Yabu: Yes. I feel really jealous (laugh)

Nakajima: We really surprised when we hear it too!

Okamoto: We held concert in the same place when JUMP was concert, but when I was been with 7, it feels broader.

Chinen: I feel myself become higher!

Okamoto: After that, I can sing English song too ne.

Yamada: Keito is good but because I can’t understand the meaning of english song lyric, I just can become the visitor who dreadfully fan you (laugh).

Chinen: But, at that time, I don’t feel like idol, but I feel like artist yo ne.

Yaotome: In Spring, there’s Harukon Volley (note: Volleyball championship in Spring) event too.

Arioka: I get my first time experience to become newscaster alone too.

Yabu: To see people who have same age with me did their best, it makes my inner canthus become hot ne.

Inoo: When I get square drawing paper as surprise present because I have become university’s student, my inner canthus feels hot too. I feel happy.

Takaki: It reminds me that when I was shot for “Gokusen” the Movie, Inoo Kei-chan was success to enter the university.

Inoo: Really? This is first time I hear it.

Takaki: I’m forget to say it to you (laugh)

Okamoto: Then, in summer, I hope we can do national tour. I feel freedom more than anything else.

Nakajima: I understand your sense when you really looking forward for LIVE ne. And I get first time impression because my birthday was celebrated in concert hall.

Yamada: And then we get additional performance in Tokyo Dome!

Yaotome: That is really cool.

Yabu: I don’t expect that Inoo’s forelock will stick at his forehead such that!

Takaki: Is it like that? (laugh) but we come back again to Tokyo Dome, I think it’s huge.

Chinen: Agree. The feeling that I always feel when I was run in Tokyo Dome, I can’t reach the stage until the song was over even when I was in hurry.

Arioka: I get impression when I was look out over the person who did their best

Yabu: How is your feeling to be able gather with such great people everyday?

Inoo: Is that necessary question now? (laugh)

Nakajima: In the end, everyone was cry ne.

Yamada: We did debut concert here too, it feels like you come back to the starting point, so I become deeply moved emotionally.

Arioka: When I was see the cry face in Inoo Kei-chan’s face, maybe at that time, I start to cry.(note: Ariokei!)

Morimoto: But, I really want to do it again ne.

Yaotome: Not only just want it, but let’s do it again! Let’s declare our determination!

Arioka: Maybe we have to make it become realization!

Takaki: So then, let’s do BEST’s radio. (note: so BEST feel envy with 7)

Inoo: BEST’s solo concert too! (note: again, feel envy with 7)

Yabu: Become front cover of TV LIFE magazine and do some photographs! Let’s do it together with JUMP! (note: Yabu tries to calm the situation)

Yamada: Eh~, so then, what will 7 do na~. How if we do theater stage (Butai)? Seems we not experienced it yet.

Chinen: It’s good ne. Movie too. 5 persons become the leading role.

Okamoto: I want do variety show program too. We can do some character, it seems interesting.

Morimoto: I always want to become a captain yo~ (laugh)

Yaotome: 2009 is the year of concert ne. At this time, because we arrange it (note: the concert now), everyone seems really serious. I feel like, “How is our growth na~”, I feel happy.

Yamada: When we want to add something, everyone was give the opinion frankly ne.

Chinen: When I know this made by us, I think my heart become big.

Takaki: It because we have become close friend, really.

Okamoto: Diffidence was gone, we have changed ne.

Morimoto: I want to do it quickly! I have felt itchy to do that!

Arioka: Furthermore, since this time, maybe I can perform in Countdown concert!

Nakajima: I feel envy. Jealous (laugh).

Yaotome: In 2008, when I ran at backstage (note: countdown backstage?), it had become New Year ne (laugh).

Inoo: Yes. And you just said, “Ee…Ee…”. It feels lonely ne (laugh). (note: because there’s no one attend Countdown)

Yabu: At this time, that moment won’t happen again, we will celebrate it (note: New Year) while said, “Waa~” together.

The things that you want to do in the year of tiger (note: follow Chinese calendar) and Message to other member

Inoo Kei
Get license for diving
I want to get my license for scuba diving. Because I feel good when I was diving, so I really want to do it properly.

To Daiki
If I get my winter holiday, are you want to go to snowy mountain together with me? I want to do snowboard ne. Daichan also start to learn that, right? Because of that, let’s go together! (note: Ariokei~~~date~~)

Nakajima Yuto
Because I like horsemeat..
I want to do ride a horse and ski. Because I’m not ski for a long time, so I really want it. I want ride a horse because I like horsemeat, so I want to know more about horse.

To Yamada
Recently, are you fishing? Because I just do it in a brief time, so I forget about it. Next time, if we can meet our time, let’s go fishing together and teach me again! (note: Yamajima~~after a long time….)

Yamada Ryosuke
My wish is travel to Okinawa
About travel to Okinawa, I have been said it before but because I can’t implement it, I’m still continue to go there. After that, I want to overcome my sadness, I want to become stronger mentally.

To Keito
You are not weak in arm wrestling, right? Recently, when we involved in confrontation, I can win easily. Even though there’s no one competition about that, please train more! (laugh)

Yaotome Hikaru
I want experience sky diving
At this time, if I do paraglider, because it’s more fun than I imagine, so next time I want to try sky diving ne. Even though it seems scary but I want experience everything.

To Yuya
Because you know delicious food in Nabeya, you should tell me, but in fact you not tell me! You have to accompany me to eat soon! (note: I really don’t sure about this line)

Takaki Yuya
I want experience Hawaii again
I want to go to Hawaii. Be fore this, when I went to there for work, it is really fun ne. I wan experience that again! Next time, I will go to there without job, and I want enjoy there slowly.

To Kei
At last, we were alone in backstage, it feels awkward (laugh). After this too, please talk more with me, we build a good relationship ne~.

Arioka Daiki
Seems I want to learn piano
I want do piano. I‘m not too experience with musical instrument but at this time, if I can maintain the synthesizer, it will be very happy (note: I don’t sure about this line). Because of that I want to learn piano.

To Yuto
I start to eat horsemeat that Yuto really like, it really delicious. I become understand why Yuto said it delicious yo. From now on, I will become your partner in horsemeat!

Okamoto Keito
Go to abroad together with JUMP
I want travel to abroad. Furthermore, I want do it with JUMP. If we can go, I want America. Ah, I’m also want to go to Hawaii. It seems fun. Leave the translator part to me!

To Yuri
Chinen’s body is small but I think you have become a great man. You always smile. And then, when you were did acrobat, the best is you seems bigger.

Yabu Kota
Learn English from Keito!
I want to study English conversation. Because at JUMP, there’s Keito who can become a good teacher (laugh). Learn English conversation when we ravel together is also good na.

To Hikaru
In the rest of concert or when I was in migration from one location to other location, you always wake me up, thank you very much. The way of Hikaru to wake me up is peerless. After this too, please wake me up gently ne.

Chinen Yuri
I want to play with Ohno-kun!
I want to go play with Ohno (Satoshi)-kun na. But because he is a big senior, I become nervous to invite him. Maybe I really need a courage (laugh).

To Ryutaro
Ryutaro talk about, “Doctor Fish” in radio, it is really interesting. But once again, because I really want to experience that, please tell me the location yo.

Morimoto Ryutaro
I want design my room
I want makeover my room. Now, I leave it untidy. In order to tidy it, I am also want to change the design. The theme is white. It seems unity with white.

To Kota
Yabu-kun always talked about soccer to me. Eventhough I’m not too interested with all of that, but recently I feel interested with that yo (laugh). Because of that, please talk more with me ne!