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We found two kids who look like two members of the Hey Say Jump, namely, Yaotome Hikaru and Nakajima Yuto. Here are pictures of them. :)

Nakajima Yuto Look-a-Like

Credits to: AAA-chan for the pictures. :)

This kid looks like Yuto right? We met him during our play practice. Aaa-chan was the one who discovered him. Here's the story...

Aaa-chan and I were waiting for our turn to sing in the choir. Then, Aaa-chan saw this little kid playing with the manger prop for the stage. Aaa-chan immediately said, "Dii-chan! That kid looks like Yuto!" I looked, and agreed with her. We called the other Syndrome and they all find him very cute, and Yuto-looking. :)

After he practiced his part in the play, he was with his nanny. Chivy-chan approached the kid and brought him to us. uwaa. He was so cute. We also talked with the little kid. He's still four years old. :)

Yaotome Hikaru Look-a-Like

I know this is not new to the Syndrome members. This kid over here is my younger brother, who looks like Hikaru. Don't you agree with me? They look quite similar right?

UWAA. It's such a miss. While I was sitting, waiting for my turn in the auditorium, I caught a glimpse of a child who looks like Inoo Kei! I lost sight of him. Sigh.

Lol. Kids these days sure have famous faces. ^_^