Wink Up June: Arioka Daiki x Yamada Ryosuke

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Yamada Ryosuke x Arioka Daiki
Arioka: In the concert we’re doing now, there’s this corner where Hikaru-kun plays the base, Yuto plays the drums and we dance.
Yamada: We practiced a lot. When it came to do it in front of the audience… the dance was cut short was the staff members (laughs).
Arioka: Yeah. I thought, “It’s probably because we’re attracting too much attention to ourselves. Right. Right.” (laughs). A bunch of things change even during the concert itself, so by the time this magazine comes out, it might change again.
Yamada: I bet a lot of people watching that corner was surprised. I had fun, and the two of them playing the instruments looked cool!
Arioka: Yeah! Hikaru-kun and Yuto looked really cool! Before the corner starts, we have nothing to do so we watch them right.
Yamada: Yeah, yeah. While Keito and Ryutaro says, “That looks so much fun. They look so cute today~” or “The drums are completely different from the dances, they look so cool~” (laughs).
Arioka: After they do that, we both dash out onto the stage… usually.
Yamada: Speaking about back stage, I heard that while we were singing, “Ganbaretsugo” BEST dances along with us in the back stage?
Arioka: Ah, so you heard. We get so hyped it’s ridiculous (laughs).
Yamada: Yabu-kun and those people had said that they were more excited than 7 who were out onto the stage and I thought that was ridiculous (laughs).
Arioka: It is true though.
Yamada: Seriously!? How intense do you guys dance (laughs). I heard that this song really hits Daichan’s spots.
Arioka: Yeah, I love this song. While 7 was having a meeting on what songs to sing, I was coincidentally there. When one of the staff members suggested, “Ganbaretsugo” I barged in and said, “That’s amazing! Please do that song!” even though I had nothing to do with meeting (laughs). Does Yamada have a BEST song you want to sing?
Yamada: Although I’ve done it before, I really like “Thrill”. Also, in our last concert tour, I liked the medly BEST sang, the “Just Wanna lovin you.” Yes, that’s what it says in the scan. Idk. I like it like a stupid fool (laughs). I back danced for you guys then and it was really fun.
Arioka: We’re basically known for that song.
Yamada: I was so excited I drained my energy then (laughs).
Arioka: During the concerts, whenever I see Yamada, you seem to make all the fans happy, even if it’s unconsciously. Even without any music in the background, as soon as Yamada says one sentence, the fans are like, “Kya….” (laughs). Also during Hitomi no Screen’s “I love you.”
Yamada: You know how frigging embarrassing that is!? Try doing that once.
Arioka: I did.
Yamada: Seriously? When?
Arioka: There was my version, Yabukun’s version, and HIkarukun’s version. I had always wanted to do it, but when it came to actually do it… I was so embarrassed (laughs). When I said it, my knees felt as if they were about to buckle. You know that dance move where you move around your finger in front of your eyes? I  practically sprained my finger then (laughs). (Yaotome, who was closeby said, “Your face got red as a tomato, and the staff members had to say, “Sorry, can we film it one more time” (laughs).) Arioka: On top of that, after we had finished singing, we did a monitor check in front of everybody (laughs). (Yabu, who was also near, said, “After my “I Love you,” Hikaru was cracking up so much.)
Arioka: Doing it is embarrassing but seeing it for yourself is embarrassing too (laughs). Being able to do that in front of thousands of people at the concert, Yamada, you’re awesome!
Yamada: Right, right!? It’s truly embarrassing, right? After I say that phrase, the area around my heart suddenly becomes itchy (laughs).
Arioka: (Putting his hand on Yamada’s shoulder and says) You’re really awesome! I admire you!
Yamada: …. If you say so (laughs).
Arioka: So we all found out that Yamada tries his hardest and so after he says his phrase “I love you” fans, please make sure you cheer for him (laughs).
Yamada: I’m glad that the fans are cheering for me, but that makes it even more embarrassing! After I say that phrase, my heart might explode (laughs).

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