Inoo Kei Duet June

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Recently, any odd things that you thought of?
Why does it seem that Japan is becoming a gourmet country? When we went to shops, my family has probably eating food from all around the world. Is there such a country? Japanese, Chinese and western are normal household recipes that I’ve got. Somehow for me, I’m oddly happy (laugh)
Oddities that you experienced.
In the past, I have a déjà vu in a foresight dream. [This, I saw it in a dream!]. I’ve been seeing this in my dream for a few times now, it has remarkable decreased!
Someone is wrong?! That’s what I thought at the moment.
For dinner once, to collect information on food places, I’ve asked someone for help with the food stuff. Daichan[Let’s eat hamburger together!] he said that with a straight face but it’s impossible for me. Dinner wasn’t rice. Bread is an afternoon snack right? After, you are done eating you finished it with a warm cup of tea which is a basic. Hearing that from someone of the same generation, that they don’t really drink tea that often. But ,for me, for both morning and night if there’s no green tea it’s not really good. That’s why, When I’m eating, I can’t belive that daichan drinks carbonated drinks as a habit!
How you spent your day off
Went shopping and after, for a movie with 4 friends. Sneakers and spring wear, we bought pretty much stuff. And after that we went for a movie but, my friend was alone, he wanted to watch one with a band’s theme. Because the screening time was around the same, the 3 of us were separated and we went to watch Sherlock Home's movie. After finishing it, we were talking about the reviews that we had of it, the movie really got into my friend and he went, “Let’s do a band! Let’s do a live at the City meeting hall!] ,and I said [I wanna be in it too!] and that got me excited (laugh).
Inoo chan is rather odd ne. You don’t give off the normal vibes, that’s good, I don’t think I’m that interesting. (from Okamoto)
I don’t really think I’m that odd, probably because we don’t understand each other that well. I wanna understand/know more!!

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