Happy Birthday Dii :))

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY ms. Dianne Morales (pwede din Nakajima XD joke)

First of all, I want to tell you that I am so happy right now because you became part of my life.Grabeh jud ni si LORD kay ghmo ka niag blessing sa akoa ug sa syndrome ug sa atong batch. Thank You for the good things that you have done for me, for syndrome, and for our batch. You are like a sister to me, sometimes I even feel like I'm older than you but most of the time, I feel younger than you (and I am XD). Dii, continue to do your Deevo everyday and continue to walk with God. Remember, He is there to encourage you whenever you are feeling down and He is there to help you overcome the obstacles that you will face. YOU ARE AN OVERCOMER. Just continue to have faith in GOD and do not doubt because we know that God has a reason, God has a purpose for everything that is happening to us . GOD BLESS YOU always Dii and continue to make your relationship with GOD stronger. Happy Birthday again :))

-chime(nag speech XD)-

HAPPY BIRTHDAY and this is for you :))