Hikaru,Yabu&Yamada talks about bullying article translation

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From the start, To the ones bullying others, is there a valid reason for you guys to do such a thing as bullying? If they are bullying others for no reason, I dont get why they do it, they should stop it right away. If there is a valid reason for bullying that person then you should tell the reason to the person being bullied, instead of bullying them straight away and knowing nothing about them. To the people who are getting bullied, you should find out the reason why they are bullying you and if you find out that there is no reason then ignore them. Even if they come back jsut ignore and stay away from them. If you can talk and understand about the reason why the bullier, bullies you then you should talk with them. The people who bully you as a group have an exception, because you have to talk to each of them one on one. If they cant talk to you for some reason then its not worth talking to them.

Many people who bully say "The poeple who are being bullied are part of the problem aswell" but I think this is wrong and this sort of thinking is not right. Even if the person that is bullied has a problem, there could be another way, like help the person with the problem, instead of bullying them. Before bullying the person, try to be friends with them and dont find the bad things about them but find the good things about the person. In the end you need the courage to stop the bullying and I think thats the most important thing.

When I was younger I was bullied aswell. I didnt know why they bullied me. They would always tease me about the little things that I did and they would always come sa a group and tease me too. I was seriously scared because even if I ignored them they would not stop bullying me. After, the bullying still continued but after a while the bullying started to go away and finally the bullying stopped. This is just my experience of bullying.

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