Morimoto Brothers

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Morimoto Ryutaro & Shintaro

Ryutaro: When was your entrance ceremony to middle school?
Shintaro: Errm, April 4th?
Ryutaro: Are you sure it wasn’t the 5th? The 4th is a Sunday! We had the Roppongi JUMP concert then remember.
Shintaro: Oh yeah. Then the 5th. Ryu helped me get away from the sempais who were about to run over me, right?
Ryutaro: It was more like I overheard, “Yo, let’s see Ryutaro’s little brother.” So I said, “Hold a minute. Don’t go near my little brother” and stopped them.
Shintaro: I never knew that was happening.
Ryutaro: You don’t have to know.
Shintaro: Ryu never told me any advice about middle school, but he did say, “If anybody does anything to you, then I’ll beat them to a pulp for you.”
Ryutaro: Yo dude-. Don’t say weird stuff like, “beat them to a pulp” during an interview (laughs). On top of that, I would be so embarrassed if the other JUMP members found out that I said that!
Shintaro: I don’t mind because it really happened.
Ryutaro: Oh damn-. This is going to turn out bad. Didn’t I give you advice? I said, “Do whatever you want.”
Shintaro: You call that advice?
Ryutaro: You don’t really have to be ready for middle school. You’re wearing all my clothes right, like the cardigan and the bag?
Shintaro: Yeah. Other than the jacket and the textbooks, everything else is yours. I wanted at least a new bad, but since there was already one in the house I thought I would use it to save money.
Ryutaro: I had only used that bad for about 3 days too.
Shintaro: But there was already a hole in the inner pocket and the outside is fading a bit.
Ryutaro: Don’t worry about it, don’t worry about it (laughs). At least you get a new jacket. When I saw you wearing the uniform, I thought, “So this is what I looked when I was in my first year of middle school,” and it was really nostalgic.
Shintaro: I was a bit embarrassed to show you what I looked like in a uniform. Wait, didn’t you say something when you first saw me wearing a uniform?
Ryutaro: I said, “It looks really uncool.” Because the uniform was too big on you (laughs).
Shintaro: I can’t do anything to fix that~. I bought a bigger size so that I would fit in it even if I grew taller.
Ryutaro: But you won’t be wearing that jacket for long. I only wore it for 3 days.
Shintaro: I don’t wear mine anymore…
Ryutaro: What!? That was rather fast. Is there any other first years who don’t wear their jacket?
Shintaro: There’s one other person other than me. I don’t wear my necktie either. My teacher told me, “The sempais will come to see you, the first years, soon so shape up. They’ll stake you out if you look like that~” (laughs).
Ryutaro: I was told the same exact thing when I was a first year studet (laughs). But a lot of the teachers tell me, “Your little brother is a handful.” So I apologize around, saying, “I’m sorry~!”
Shintaro: Oh seriously?
Ryutaro: Yeah. But in the end, they say, “You’re the bigger problem though” (forced laugh).
Ryutaro: Although we go to the same middle school, we never go together do we.
Shintaro: Yeah. Never!
Ryutaro: Shintaro leaves really early.
Shintaro: It’s not like I can leave with a few seconds to spare. That doesn’t seem like a first year student.
Ryutaro: Oh, so you care about those little details (laughs).
Shintaro: yeah.
Ryutaro: But you have to be there by 8:40AM. Don’t you leave at 8:10?
Shintaro: Yeah. When I get to school, I play in the hallways with my friends.
Ryutaro: What do you play?
Shintaro: Sumo wrestling.
Ryutaro: Sumo huh… (forced laugh). But well, it’s good to have friends you can play around with.
Shintaro: I have lots of friends.
Ryutaro: By the way, has your classes formally started? (Interview taken at the beginning of April)
Shintaro: Math and history classes has formally started, but not the others yet.
Ryutaro: Do you think you can study well?
Shintaro: So far so good, but I might be in a bit of a problem once all my classes start…
Ryutaro: I’ll say this in advance but don’t listen to me okay. Studying is impossible.
Shintaro: You never study at home Ryu. All you do is watch war heroes on TV.
Ryutaro: I started liking them recently okay! I remember the old times and I have fun. By the way, as long as you take good notes you’ll be fine. You can get a 100.
Shintaro: The teacher said that too! “Take good notes.” But math is really tiresome. You have to write what the teacher says, not just copy down what’s written on the board.
Ryutaro: Oh, don’t worry about it. You don’t have to write that stuff down.
Shintaro: Eh, you don’t have to? But all my math teacher talks about is when his wallet got stolen so it’s really annoying.
Ryutaro: Did you happen to write that in your notes too?
Shintaro: Yeah. I wrote it!
Ryutaro: Aah~. Then you’ll definitely be able to get a 100, no questions asked (laughs).
Ryutaro: We don’t really talk about school at home do we.
Shintaro: Yeah.
Ryutaro: Although I do coax out of you whether you’re getting bothered by somebody so that I can beat them up. You aren’t getting bothered are you?
Shintaro: Not at all (laughs). But Ryu~. I’m really thankful that you’re willing to help me out, but don’t come in between my friends and I if we fight okay. I don’t want people knowing that my older brother beat up my friends okay.
Ryutaro: No worries! I understand (laughs). Speaking of which, Shintaro what clubs are you going to do? Is it true that you’re going to join the gymnastic club!?
Shintaro: Yeah. Either that, soccer, or basketball. But there’s loads of people in the soccer club so I think it’s hard to get in. Also, baskeball club is supposedly cancelled until I’m a 3rd year student so…
Ryutaro: So you want to join the gymnastic club?
Shintaro: Recently when I went to see them, the sempais were playing games and playing around and it seemed really fun.
Ryutaro: But it’s not all fun and games yaknow. That’s why I said, “You don’t have to join clubs.” Shintaro has your Jr. jobs so it’ll be hard to do both.
Shintaro: But I want to join a club…
Ryutaro: Then join the go-home club. I’m the president of that club. Shintaro can become the vice president. It’s quite rare that a first year will be a vice pres, ya know. Be thankful (laughs). Go-home club=as it says, it’s for people who aren’t in any clubs.
Shintaro: There isn’t such thing as a president or a vice president for the go-home club~. Ryu just made that up, didn’t you! On top of that, what are you going to do at home if you go home straight away without going to a club?
Ryutaro: Speaking of which, what exactly do you do when you go home Shintaro? I’m either watching TV or over at a friend’s house so I never see what you do.
Shintaro: That’s true. Recently, we don’t eat together either.
Ryutaro: But we went to a sushi restaurant remember.
 Shintaro: We did?
Ryutaro: We did! The moving sushi place. Conveyer-belt sushi. Do you not remember~.
Shintaro: Aaaah~! I remember!!
Ryutaro: That time, Shintaro didn’t eat much. Why didn’t you eat a lot? I was the only one who ate a lot.
Shintaro: How many plates did you eat Ryu? One plate= 2 pieces of sushi.
Ryutaro: About 15.
Shintaro: I think I ate about 8 or 9?
Ryutaro: No, you didn’t eat that much. I remember thinking, “Are you a girl!”
Shintaro: I’m… not a girl.
Ryutaro: I know that! (angry)
Ryutaro: We’re not really together for magazine stuff so this is really refreshing. Not htat I’m happy or anything.
Shintaro: It’s a bit awkward to be honest.
Ryutaro: Don’t say that! (laughs). (Staff says, “At the JUMP concerts, your bond with Shintaro is really shown, so are you guys close in real life?”)
Shintaro: At the concerts, Ryutaro suddenly hugs me right. He hugs me really hard and it hurts! On top of that, he pulls on my cheeks sometimes-.
Ryutaro: Is there a problem?
Shintaro: I don’t like it, it hurts. Whenever Ryu tries to hug me, I developed this instinct to run away.
Ryutaro: Don’t run away, stupid! If you do, this “brotherly love” conte won’t last. Conte= short comedic story.
Shintaro: Eeh~~~~~.
Ryutaro: Dude. Watch Maeda Maeda (ß a comedy group consisting of 2 elementary school brothers). They get along so well~. They even wear matching outfits and appear on TV ya know.
Shintaro: We used to wear matching outfits too.
Ryutaro: Oh yeah we did… Most of our clothes were matching now that I think about it (forced laugh). But if we were to do that now, it’ll be impossible! You wore shorts today!!
Shintaro: And? I think it’s fine.
Ryutaro: Shintaro might think it’s fine but I would never wear it! (Says to staff) Shintaro tried to come here with a tshirt and shorts today! I begged him and said, “Don’t wear that, I’m begging you.”
Shintaro: I was playing soccer before I left so that’s why I was wearing the tshirt and shorts. He Ryutaro said, “Don’t wear that. I don’t want to be on the same train as you.” So I changed really quickly. See, I changed into a long sleeve shirt (and rolls down the shirt).
Ryutaro: If you roll the sleeves up, it looks like a short sleeve tshirt… Well, long tshirt&shorts are barely ok. Shorts and a tshirt makes you look like a little kid.
Shintaro: I’m still a kid!
Ryutaro: You’re already a middle schooler!!
Shintaro: But I don’t like wearing clothes that refrains you from moving around that much. Shorts and tshirt is the best. But if I don’t say as you say, you’ll beat me up to a pulp so…
Ryutaro: Oh~ my~ god~, didn’t I say that, “beat me to a pulp” shouldn’t be used? On top of that, I won’t beat you up so don’t say that (laughs). Maeda Maeda’s little brother doesn’t say that probably.
Shintaro: Maeda Maeda’s big brother is nice probably.
Ryutaro: I’m nice too. I think we and Maeda Maeda should meet up and talk.
Shintaro: Oh, that seems like fun
Ryutaro: I want to hear their stories about being brothers (laughs).