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 I wa~nna be like this kind of grandpaAssuming that 60 years passed, and they grew old completely... what kind of grandpa do they want to become? While fluttering their white hair, they will tell their ideal grandpa!

 A grandpa who plays the drum while in a jersey 
Nakajima Yuto
Even if I become a grandpa, I will continue playing drums. Hey, isn't playing the drums a training for good health! Right now I'm fired up playing rock-type intense drumming, but as the years pass by, I assume that I will be playing jazz-type gentle drumming.

A energetic grandpa that precisely scolds the youth 
Morimoto Ryutaro
I want to become like my grandpa. He's always nice, but he hates bending. When the room is in a mess, he really scolds. Such intensity is not bad! It's scary, but him being able to properly call attention is cool!
[text in picture means "Hey!"]

A grandpa who is an idol☆ no matter how old he is
 Chinen Yuri
Honestly, I cannot imagine me getting married, have kids, or grandchildren. Because I want to always be everyone's "Chii"♥ A lifetime job being an idol is my dream. After 60 years I still dance and sing in concerts, because I want to spend fun times with all of my fans!

A rock and roll grandpa playing the guitar
Keito Okamoto
The English rock band, Rolling Stones' Keith Richards and Mike Jagger are 66 years old, but their hair is long and they're very cool. They really don't feel their age. Me too, I aim to be a rock and roll grandpa!

A mega-glutton! A grandpa who eats alot
Yamada Ryosuke
 I will go eat and eat my favorite Yakiniku everyday, because I want to be a gluttonous grandpa! Even now, when I go to the Korean barbecue-cook, I first request Korean seaweed and rice, and while I eat that, the Kalbi is being grilled. I'm hungry so I can't wait for the meat to be cooked (laughs).