GRANDPA THING (Hey! Say! Best)

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White hair is sprinkled!I wa~nna be like this kind of grandpaAssuming that 60 years passed, and they grew old completely... what kind of grandpa do they want to become? While fluttering their white hair, they will tell their ideal grandpa!

A dandy grandpa fragrancing the coffee
Yaotome Hikaru
When I become a grandpa, I think I will be a coffee shop master. I will be a tasteful master of places that have a nice ambience. That kind of feeling. If you were to talk to this person he has a reputation of being cool and calm, and may receive various consultations from the youth.

A wild grandpa that surfs
Arioka Daiki
I want to be an active grandpa that is even more energetic than his grandchildren. With brawny muscles, the dorsal muscles are also tight. And then, I will tie my white hair that grew long a bit and I will ride the waves of the beach! Aren't I cool?

A carefree, idle grandpa
Yabu Kota
It was done in the old-time drama "The Woman That Has 1000 Things". I think I'm going to be a male version of that lady, "The Man That Has 1000 Things". I will drink beer on the porch, and be idle watching TV in my house in a jersey. But I'm a grandpa, so I should go out to exercise sometime.

A grandpa who is popular with the girls
Inoo Kei
In town, the women secretively say "That man, he's really doesn't seem like a grandpa, isn't he cool?", requesting for handshakes with me, suddenly confessing to me... generally speaking, I want to be popular (laughs). But wholeheartedly, I only want to kiss my wife!!

A grandpa that lives in the countryside, surrounded by his family
Takaki Yuya
When I was a child, I was brought up in the counrtyside, but I naturally did not miss it. That's why, during my old age it's my dream to have fun with my wife in the slowlife of the country side♪ Planting vegetables in the fields, fishing which I like very much by the river, to carefreely live like that is the best!